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Everything is happening perfectly.  If things were supposed to be different then something different would be happening.

About Sherrie Campbell

Hi! I am Dr. Sherrie. I am elated to share with you that I am an open-minded, out-of-the box psychologist. I am in love with the process of the emotions. I find them all interesting, discombobulating and smart. I view emotions as passing through energies. They will stay as long as we choose to hang on to them.  They are never fixed and nor are they ever permanent. They fluctuate in and out, up and down, from hope to pain to hope, from kindness to meanness back to kindness again and from togetherness to loneliness back to togetherness again.. The emotions come in cycles and phases.  Each phase or cycle having and evolving puprpose for us.  

Emotions are loaded with chemicals that largely impact our nervous systems. I find that each emotion I have has something to teach me. Each has its own little unique message.  If I am open enough, and not so attached to the emotion, I will get the pearl of wisdom coming forth. The emotional world can feel treacherous to navigate, as they almost always bring a time period of confusion along with them. However, emotions have a beautiful relationship with time. Time always brings solutions. I also believe there is always enough time. Therefore, it is my specialty to help people wait out the wave of their emotion,to take their time, learn to accept the emotion, surrender to it, and travel with it until the solutions show themselves.

My life’s work has been dedicated to teaching people how to love themselves. I teach how to be centered-on-self rather than self-centered. I love the idea of “individualizing.” This is when we learn to fully embrace ourselves and become our own individual.  This is when we start to do life on our own way.  When we embrace being our own individual we become much more interesting to the other and to ourselves. We will learn that we are not by ourselves we are with ourselves. 

How great to wake up feeling as if we are interesting.  When we hold a higher thought of our Self our entire frequency changes and we become deeper people and more trusting in life’s process. Also people will hold us in their minds to the same level and degree in which we hold ourselves. So, if we value who we are and we see ourselves in high esteem so will others.  How we think and feel about ourselves will always be reflected back to us through our relationships.  So, if we want to change and improve our relationships we must first start with changing ourselves.

When we start the process of focusing on ourselves we will naturally begin to develop more efficient strategies to deal with life and people. We will have a way of knowing that negative things are going to happen but at the end of the day…it will all average out. This is what being high frequency is all about. The only path to getting there is to learn to take care of yourself daily: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is work.Yet, anything really worth achieving is always worth the hard work it took to get there. So, our number one goal in life should be to consistently work on the relationship we have with ourselves.  It is the only relationship we have any direct control over and if we have this relationship as our priority we will naturally become the priority to others as well.   As we love ourselves, we have a greater depth from which we can pull to relate to the other. We are able to relate from another person’s perception rather than only relating from our own perception.

I have found that people really do not have trouble communicating, they have trouble relating. Why? Because most of us are only focused on being right. We become agenda oriented rather than relationship oriented. We lose our power, try to force our will and our emotions get out of control. Check out my article: Maintaining Your Power Inspite of Your Fear.

Conflict Mentoring

I am happy to tell you that I love digging into the fears of conflict. So many of us do not have an effective bag of tricks to draw from when it comes to conflict. When an anticipated conflict is in the future we either retreat to avoid it or we become aggressive and try to control it. Neither works. The more we individualize the better we become at managing conflict because we are not locked in to proving ourselves. We can become better at expressing ourselves. How nice to express the ‘Self' rather than prove the ‘self’ to the other.

Fear is always involved in conflict, which means your central nervous system and adrenalin are also involved. Fear is the most exciting emotion. The emotion of fear is designed to get us ‘moving.' Fear is our most evolutionary response. When fear and anxiety show up most of us tend to withdrawal. When we withdrawal we lose precious growth opportunities. Fear is telling you “the current form of who you are is outdated and it is time to change and upgrade to your next level of living.” We lose our composure when it comes to conflict, therefore, having strategy is a necessary component to keeping composure as you face your fears. When it comes to strategy, I teach how to work through the emotions first, because they will become your army, then we use your intellect to guide those emotions where you have a state of composure. It’s brilliant!!!

I use all of this coaching with individuals, couples, teens, professionals, etc. It is useful in every area of life because every area of life is bound to bring some form of conflict that is here to take us to our next level of functioning. The results are fascinating because people begin to see that life is much more manageable when strategy is employed to keep the anxieties of the mind at bay or to completely get rid of them.

Love yourself

The best part of my job is getting people in touch with themselves. We each are one unique, differentiated person with many roles and/or parts. I look at each person as having a basement full of emotional "stuff'" that has not been examined. I like getting down on my knees, in the basement, and going through all of the emotional hurts, successes, defining moments, abandonments, boxes of low self esteem, childhood, traumas, abuse, betrayal, divorces, affairs. Whatever is down there will have a life until the inventory is done, organized, worked through and placed nicely upon a shelf. Doing your inventory helps you understand how you became the person you are. It is map. Once the inventory is done and organized and one of those boxes falls off the shelf due a current life trigger, it is easier to get down in the basement and look at why that box fell down and examine it because you already know it well. Learning to love you means getting to know yourself anew each day and committing each day to have clean inventory.

I am a psychologist who likes to get my hands on everything informational. I am present and active in my sessions like a coach. I use interventions from the fields of neuroscience, neurocardiology, literature, science, nutrition, human design, positive psychology, NLP, humanistic theory and spirituality. Information and action are healing elixirs. Anything approached with persistence, commitment and openness will heal. If we are defensive we are not open to new information. To truly heal, we have to be open!

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