How The Power Of Intention Can Attract A Whole New Life And Love

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power of intention for attracting happiness

In the middle of one of my long, deep meditations, it suddenly dawned on me — something I’d heard so many times, but hadn’t fully realized yet.

As I was surrendering deeper into the space of the present moment, the little "buzz" in my belly became more obvious. It often happens when I go deep, that this little buzz starts buzzing louder: “You have to do something! You need to get somewhere! You are not there yet!” It feels really loud when everything else has quieted down or even stopped.

Because it was so quiet inside, without thoughts or projections, at that moment, this little buzz felt a little odd — and definitely out of place.

Instead of going into the feeling of this buzz, which I’m so used to, in order to listen to it and give it some love, I just watched it. I just noticed it with curiosity, but without feeling engaged.

Then I saw it: There is no future! There is nowhere to go! There is nowhere to go in order to have a different experience.

I am already Here Now (remember Ram Dass?)

The future that the buzz in my belly has been trying to get to most of my life simply doesn’t exist! I finally got it: There is no future! Period!

Holy cow!

The future I’ve been wanting to experience differently than my "now moment experience" simply doesn’t exist — except as a thought in my mind and a buzz in my belly.

How did I miss that? How did I miss the fact that creation only happens now? Simply by letting the power of pure intention be present now — without the filter of the past?

Here’s how the power of pure intention can manifest a whole new life:

All the manifesting gurus have their own way of describing the process of manifestation.

Einstein said: No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Law of Attraction says: Your energy vibrations attract like energy to you.

Dr. Joe Dispenza puts it this way: By combining a clear intention with an elevated emotion, you take your biology out of the past and define yourself by a vision of the future instead of a memory of the past.

And Wayne Dyer: You don't attract what you want in your life, you attract what you are.

That’s pretty clear, isn’t it? None of them say that you have to work hard at it physically.

They basically say that you have to change your inner vibes in order to attract a new future experience into your life. As long as your energy is still identified with the past, those vibes keep creating the same "future" experienced as "now and now and now" — and are very similar to your past.

In my case, the anticipating buzz had a frequency that could only attract the experience of anticipating a future, without ever "getting here now."

I do want to add to it, though, that changing your frequency in order to "up" your vibration is no small task and takes quite a bit of commitment and willingness, as well as a clarity how to harness the power of pure intention.

Awakening out of the old

By now, we’ve all heard about the Law of Attraction (LoA), and realize how liberating it is that you can actually change your life by changing yourself and raising your frequency to a higher vibration.

Although I’ve never been a student of the LoA, I have always felt a sense of freedom and relief from this realization. I mean, after eons and lifetimes of feeling stuck in struggle, suffering, and sameness, who wouldn’t feel relieved?

We are evolving into a new species as we slowly awaken to our true nature and divine inheritance as co-creators with the divine.

This transition from the old to the new paradigm is like giving birth to a whole new being — a being whom you may barely recognize as your own "self" at first. However, little by little as you start awakening, your new Self will start to feel much more real than the old, familiar identity you believed yourself to be!

Does an "awakened being" live In the past, present or future?

When I talk about creating a whole new life, I am referring to an awakened life in the new paradigm.

Awakening is a steady unfolding from asleep to awake, from past to present, while embodying all the revelations and realizations along the way.

It’s these revelations and realizations that make you become a new awake and embodied you without the limiting beliefs and identities from the past.

Some of these past identities, patterns, and beliefs may roll off you like water off a duck’s back once they become conscious. Those are easy, fun, and inspiring because you experience a new sense of freedom almost immediately.

And then there are those that are stickier than crazy glue, tighter than a constrictor knot and more messed up than a yarn ball after your kitties are done playing with it.

These are the ones need your presence, commitment, and the power of pure intention in order to move from the familiar past into an inspiring new "future."

I do recommend seeking out some help with the sticky ones. Trying to do it on your own could get you tangled up in the yarn ball without much relief. 

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The Future Does Not Exist

Over the past years, I’ve really enjoyed the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. My story above unfolded at one of his events when I slipped out of a belief that had prevented me from leaping into the next level of Awakened Consciousness. In a way, it felt quite ordinary when I just slipped out of that belief, just like slipping out of my flip flops.

The realization that there is no future was not just a conceptual understanding.

Conceptually, it is obvious that we can only experience now and now and now. This realization was different because I found myself fully in the now, which is not a concept. In this now, there is no such thing as a future, and with that, there is no such thing as a past!

Experiencing the present moment of now

Without a past or a future, you’re pretty much left with "now," which means that all creation is happening "now and now and now".

Never in the future. If you want a new future, you have to be it now, and of course, that’s what these wise manifestors are talking about.

What eluded me until that "slipping out" moment, even with all the work I’d already done, was the experience of the present now itself.

It’s actually a real thing. It’s invigorating, powerful and extremely alive.

Let me break down my experience into smaller pieces for easier digestion and understanding.

This precious present presence

As human unconscious beings, we are flip-flopping back and forth from the past and future nonstop, and somehow rarely experience the present moment of now.

I’m not going to argue with you that there seems to be a past and that there seems to be a future, because, from the level of mind, that seems to be all there is.

I wholeheartedly agree, having lived there all of my life, too.

However, I do want to speak about it from the place of realization where past and future only happen in this eternal now, as little thoughts float through it.

The dramas and traumas that you have experienced in the past are still with you in the space of now.

Your now experience is filled with memories, feelings, and beliefs that you experienced in another now moment, which is now called "the past." However, every time you think or feel about it, you are still experiencing it now. This clutters up the now moment and prevents you from experiencing it in its purity and its power of how to create with pure and uncluttered intention.

There are five important steps to take in order to land in the Now and become a creator of your new life:

1. You must let go of your past first.

This is no small task! And just to make sure to understand this: Letting go of your past is not bypassing it

Take a moment and acknowledge how your space of now is currently filled with thoughts and regrets about the past or hopes and worries about the future. It’s hard to find the now in all this clutter, yet you need your pure intention in the now if you want to create a new life.

Until you feel resolved with your past, you can’t help but bring its frequency into the now, while hoping for a better future. Can you see how this prevents you from experiencing the now moment?

Imagine you live in a house filled with old garbage and furniture from the past, and you really want a clean house with new furniture and new experiences. Because of all the junk, there is no room for anything new. It is already too full.

Because it’s so crowded, you long for more space and peace, but the old stuff drains your energy. Even if you would be able to bring in one new chair, it doesn’t give you the peace you’re longing for. Instead of cleaning it out, you end up just hoping for something better in the future without the energy to do anything about it.

Then, in a moment of clarity (maybe after reading this article?), you feel inspired to move it all out. Finally! Now you begin to see a clean open space. Finally! Now your life can change to what you want. Now you can refurbish it with what you love.

In this open space, you are able to notice the natural longing in your heart. This longing lets you know what you want to experience instead — now.

Because your mind is not focused on what you don’t want anymore, you have the energy to focus on what you do want.

That’s why it’s important to unhook from the past. Self-love is the Great Unhooker. It will show you how to let go of resisting, grabbing, or holding onto the past.

I have plenty of blog posts on the subject of self-love and I encourage you to incorporate a self-love practice into your life.

2. Part of your past is the debilitating feeling of "I can’t."

It’s a limiting belief from the past projected into the future. I know that one really well! For a long time, it has prevented a new now to unfold from my heart. It’s a low-frequency feeling to carry around inside the now and in my case, it manifested as a future that never arrived in the now.

Feeling capable is a high-frequency vibration and takes you out of the past into Now! As long as you carry the frequency of "I can’t" with you, you’ll likely succumb to the old stuff and resist it like you normally do, instead of clearly saying no to it.

You can read more about this obstacle in one of my articles called, Why Is It So Hard To Change YourSelf And Follow Your Heart?

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3. You can only become something new in the future by being it now.

When you let go of the past, you enter the now moment.

From here you can create what feels like "a new future," but it is actually being in the now because past and future only exist as thoughts.

When you are consciously in the now, the rush to get or become something in the future dissolves. You are left with what your heart longs for now and now you let your senses embrace the feelings as if it already here now. You walk around, breathe, talk, live as if it is already here now.

In the now, the process of creation equals BEING it now.

Now you are staying in the now without projecting yourself — or an image of yourself into the future. Now is pure power, pure potential, and pure possibility.

There is ONLY NOW. If you want to create some new experience, BE IT NOW, feel as if you are it now.

Pretend as much as you need, until you get to a feeling of being it now.

4. OK, so now… what do you want?

What experience is your heart longing for? Just listen. Just wait. Just be open.

It is here, now. However small, however big, what does it feel like to imagine that that experience is already here now? How do you breathe? How do you walk? How do you talk? How are you different when you are that experience now?

Feel that, walk it, talk it, breathe it consciously, repetitively and gratefully.

5. How can you achieve this?

I first remind myself of the feeling that I can change.

I can leave the past behind. If I can’t feel it right away, I work it till I can. This is why letting go of the past is essential in order to be in the now and feel its power. Feeling that I can start opening my heart to new possibilities and I feel inspired.

With my heart open, I remind myself that there is no future!

This gets me every time. I drop in deeper because I can feel the truth in that, probably supported by my realization from that meditation.
(So in my case, the two power mantras are I can and There is no future. When you look inside yourself, you will find the ones that unlock your past so you can slip into the now.)
The familiar "future-oriented past" that has lived in my belly as a feeling of being rushed or needing to get somewhere can now disengage. I can no longer argue with the truth that there is no future, so where am I supposed to go?

Now everything can harmonize deeper into the now moment.

Just remembering that there is no future is my moment to moment mantra until little belly-buzz has fully realized and embodied that truth. If she starts buzzing, I just tell her lovingly, “Take a chill pill, darling! Sit back and remember that any future projection of having to accomplish something is not true. It can only manifest by being and feeling it as if it already so Now."

The chill pill starts working; I start feeling peace and joy again.

I have now entered the now, and now it’s just a matter of being and feeling it now and now and now. The more now moments I am, the sooner I’ll see something changing in my life. It feels so good to know that I’m able and powerful now. What a relief!

Being in the now makes me even happier and I feel grateful that I can and that there is no future to create or to get to.

Boy, that was so much work in the past! Actually, it was too much work.

What a relief it is to know that's not how it works in this new paradigm — at least not for me. The rules change when you are Now.

Oh, just for the record: It does not mean that you won’t be active anymore. On the contrary. However, your activity is happening Now without projecting or buzzing into a future.

When I am in the now, I know that I am consciously creating what the pure intention in my heart is focusing on. I know that I’m attracting new un-manifest potentials into this dimension of my life, by being it now.

When I am now, I just know that! Remember, there is no doubt here.

When I am in the now, the rules are different, and perception is altered. Doubt, clutter, rush, and worry do not exist here. This makes me even more happy and grateful. I can feel the energy getting stronger and activating the potential inside of me and all around me.

The heart keeps opening more and more and I feel myself to be a manifesting magnet of my heart’s longing.

I can’t help feeling gratitude now. Gratitude is an elevated emotion that attracts the un-manifest from the infinite field of potential into this dimension called my life. Once you are now, it’s all so obvious.

Something else happens when I am in this open state of now. I see things in the space all around me that I normally don’t pay attention to when I’m flip-flopping from past to future and future to past.

When I am now, I realize there is a shimmering everywhere. Actually, now that I see it, I recognize that I’ve always been aware of it. I imagine you have, too.

When you soften your focus into now, without the strain and drive to get somewhere, you naturally start noticing what is already here in the now. I experience a kind of shimmering, that reminds me of a light rain drizzle without getting wet.

I realize that this is the unified field of infinite potential that Dr. Joe talks about. Now I’m able to see it! This shimmering drizzle of infinite potential is waiting to take form in this dimension.

Quantum physics is not really my area of expertise, so if you want more information and understanding about the unified field, please check out the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza: A clear intention combined with an elevated emotion has an effect on matter and magnetizes the un-manifest into form.

Even though there is only now and no future, it still takes time for the brain to be rewired into this new state of consciousness. Remember, it is the mind that experiences past and future and if you don’t consciously bring the power of pure intention back to now, you may well live out the rest of your life in the flip-flopping.

In my own life, I have to reset the "now button" daily; the busy buzz in my belly has been tightly wired for lifetimes and still needs a daily dose of unwiring back into the now.

The best way to speed up your experience of getting out of the past and into the now is by turning it into a daily practice. Creating a new neural pathway to experience the now only happens through frequent and consistent new firing and wiring until this new wiring is firm enough to hold its own.

Oh, the best time to start that practice is now!

Moving from the past into the now is easier when you move along with someone who knows the way. The biggest work lies in liberating yourself from your emotional past, which is also where the biggest rewards are found.

Pernilla Lillarose is a certified Hakomi Practitioner and a Self-Love Mystic & Mentor. If you feel inspired by the words above, to go on this journey, you can learn more about Pernilla's work as a Self Love Mystic & Mentor at Divine Feminine Flow. Or start with her book, Imagine Being Kind To YourSelf or download her free ebook 5 Steps To Divine Into the Divine Feminine Flow.