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Strut Your Stuff: Walk Your Way To A Sexier Self

There are many aspects to attraction. There's the physical and there's the mental. So let's take a look at the physical. You probably have a certain body type in a man that you are attracted to — correct? He must be tall, dark and handsome. Sound familiar? Well, take a good look next time you are out. You may notice that there are many, many men that don't fit this bill ... and it's the same for women.

The beauty of every woman is her individuality, and, more importantly, how she embraces her uniqueness. The average woman may not attract every man but she can improve her odds by using her body language a certain way to at least get his attention. Sure, it happens all the time that men see women who are very physically attractive. But looks are not what drives things further … but your look can. Those subtle messages send crucial information about your confidence, sensuality and power. Of course, there is the possibility that the man you noticed may not have noticed you. You need to realize that you can win some and loose some. So what? Everything involves risk. Everything you do can backfire.

Most women are painfully aware of these issues. Don't worry about being the "right" prototype for a guy because ultimately, if he's not into you, who cares? The question is: can you put aside your pre-conceived notions about why men and women "should" be attracted to each other long enough to see why they actually are attracted to each other? And can you do what it takes to get yourself from where you are to where you actually need to be in order to attract the kinds of men that you would like to meet and date?

Let's start by creating a change: create a confident walk. Like most people, you probably put one foot in front of the other — bravo! Now, when you are doing this simple task, what is your body really projecting? Here are some points to think about. 5 Reasons To Celebrate Your Single Status

1. Are you considering your ass power? With every step you take, are your buttocks kicking in? This muscle contraction will make you lead from your hips when you are walking.

2. How about you back power? With every step you make, are you contracting your trapezius muscles? This will create a natural sway of the body, not to mention keep you straight.

3. Finally, the width of your steps. Every step must feel like you are wearing a girdle or tight skirt so that a slight rubbing of the inner thighs occurs.

Can you see now that even though you may not meet the prototype, with the right combination of clothing and body language you can create interest? Men are attracted to a woman who is fun, sexy and easy to be with. So, be a woman that is excited about life and all of her surroundings. Be enthusiastic about your look … the width of your hips, the stride in your step, the arch of your back, the spiral of your hair, the kindness of your smile, the yearning in your touch — all of it! If you're ready to learn how to create a more sensual look, then you need to read this Sensuality Secrets Ebook.

You can download my ebook to your computer in just a minute or two and be on your way to living your life as a phenomenal woman! I'll talk to you again soon.

Sensually yours,

Patty Contenta