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About Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo

Quick Stats:
Tony & Alisa’s Ages : 39 & 38
Years Married (Anniversary Oct 5th) : 16
Kids : 2 (ages 9 & 6)
Pets : 0 (There’s enough going on in our household)

Tony and Alisa were married on October 5, 1996 at a beautiful winery in the Temecula Valley in Southern California. They met in the summer of 1994 while Alisa was at the University of Colorado at Boulder for a summer internship and Tony was on of four fraternity guys hired to cook and clean.  Alisa often joke that she knew Tony could cook before they ever started dating.  Tony was the morning cook and also helped prepared lunch and dinner.

Even though Tony and Alisa had a great time that first summer they thought it was only a summer fling.  At the end of the summer Alisa left CU for her senior year at DePauw University.  They started a long distance relationship and were able to see each other about every 6 weeks or so.  Either Tony drove to Indiana or Alisa would fly to Boulder.
They really got to know each other through lots and lots of phone calls. The unfortunate downside to all of these phone calls was that they financed their relationship on credit cards. Tony and Alisa were dating the early years of the internet and cell phones weren’t readily available like they are today.

After Alisa graduated from DePauw University she moved out to Colorado to be closer to Tony.  During this time in our country we were going through a recession. Alisa had a hard time finding a job and wasn’t to pleased that she had made the move to Colorado. A few months later Tony and Alisa ended up in Southern California with Tony’s family. Tony began working with his father in the family construction business and Alisa became an assistant manager for a national rental car agency. Things were looking up!
Thanksgiving Day 1995 Tony dropped the question, “Will you marry me Alisa”. Alisa said yes and the excitement and fun of planning a wedding began.

Now 16 years into this adventure called marriage there is much Tony and Alisa have been through. ONE Extraordinary Marriage is about more than just us.  As you listen to the many podcasts, at this writing 80+, you will learn how Tony and Alisa had overcome divorce 4 years into their marriage, pornography addiction, the loss of their second child and many more issues that arise in marriage. Conversely, Tony and Alisa also share the highs of being married. Their well known for the 60 Days of Sex Challenge that completely turned their marriage around and the 7 Days of Sex Challenges they have put on to help other married couples.

Their book Stripped Down: 13 Keys to Unlocking Intimacy in Your Marriage has impacted marries the world over.

The intention of ONE Extraordinary Marriage is not to make this a one-sided conversation about a day in the life.  The ONE podcast is a dialogue between Tony, Alisa, and YOU! Read the many testimonials that have been received over the years.

Start listening and start implementing little changes in your marriage that can take it to extraordinary levels.

Love you guys.

Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo

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