12 Days Of Christmas Gifts You'll Both Love

12 Days Of Christmas Gifts You'll Both Love [EXPERT]
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This year, get him something you'll both enjoy.

The presents are all gift wrapped and under the Christmas tree. There are many that have your name on them and you are so excited to see what your spouse got you. As the day gets closer, you get more and more excited. I know how you feel because I get that way every year too.

What I received one fateful Christmas Day didn't meet my expectations. A few years after we got married, I really didn't have any clue what to ask for for Christmas. So, instead of giving my wonderful husband any direction, I just said "figure it out." Bad mistake on my part!

Tony decided to make that Christmas the year of hiking gear. He got me nice Gortex hiking boots, Smartwool socks, a fanny pack and other assorted hiking gear — he even got me maps of the local hiking areas! We enjoyed doing some short hikes around our home, but this was taking it to the next level.

It was an interesting Christmas to say the least and one we talk about to this day. I don't want you to be surprised this Christmas, or any for that matter, so we've come up with the 12 amazing Christmas gifts for married couples. These were compiled by asking our fans on Facebook and Twitter.

One other thing, if you want to have a way to have a wishlist for your partner or spouse, check out Elfster. We're using it for our family Secret Santa gift exchange!

12 amazing Christmas gifts for married couples:

12. Loveseat recliner. After a long day of work, kids and other activities, you want to relax with your spouse. The perfect place to do so is in a Loveseat Recliner together. Think of the time together getting to talk and maybe even use the recliner for some for some sexual intimacy. Find the one that suits the both of you and enjoy.

11. 31 Days to Great Sex. 
31 Days to Great Sex is a gift that keeps on giving. When both of you come together and spend quality time learning what each of you enjoys, it will pay dividends for months to come. 31 Days to Great Sex will walk you through what you can do each day to get closer sexually with your spouse. Continue reading ...

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