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Do You Celebrate Your Partner's Gender Traits?


I'm madly in love with my husband. The adoration I feel for him is indescribable. I am mesmerized by Rob's manhood; his masculinity is intoxicating. Rob and I have been together for 13 years. During this time, we have been married for 10 perfect years. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world.

Our marriage has been successful for a myriad of reasons. I have expressed my sentiments on sustaining relationship longevity in previous articles (10 Ways To Make Your Marriage Last 10 Years). Aside from the obvious factors that are necessary for marital success, I believe men and women should derive pleasure from each others femininity and masculinity. Regardless of sexual orientation, if you can not revel in your partner's distinct gender traits, I firmly believe you are with the wrong person.

To me, it is an effortless joy to celebrate my husband's masculinity. I love Rob's physical manly prowess and the way he moves in his powerful six foot frame. I love his chest hair and facial hair, as well as his shaved balding head. His manhood can be seen in every pore. I love Rob's deep baritone voice. His words shape my world; I continually receive a refreshing perspective on life and love.

My husband's masculinity is incredibly sexy. I love how our bodies interlock with intense passion. I love feeling the weight and size of his body pressed against me as we snuggle in a warm cocoon. When I am enveloped by his physical and emotional nakedness, I feel exceptionally loved and protected.

Although I love being a woman, I'm thrilled my husband does not share some of my feminine attributes. I am drawn to Rob's logic, courage, composure, assertion, capability, and humility. At times, I wish I could emulate my husband's character, especially his poise. When I am confronted with adversity, I strive to be as controlled as Rob.

I'm an alpha female and Rob is an alpha male. Despite our alpha status, I compliment his type of masculinity and he is a beautiful balance to my type of femininity. By "type", I am referring to subdivisions of womanhood and manhood. 5 Ways To Enhance Your Feminine Allure (And Drive Him Wild)

There are varying degrees of femininity and masculinity. Certain women are extremely feminine, while other women do not display dainty female characteristics. If a woman is not delicate or nurturing, this does not make her less of a woman. Conversely, there are men who are not manly. If a man's manliness is not prominent, can he still be masculine? Absolutely! Every man is not designed to be a strapping, strong stud. I appreciate the flexibility of femininity and the malleability of masculinity. Men and women should never be confined to stereotypes.

True love means loving someone without condition. If you do not love your partner's manhood or womanhood, and genuinely respect their type of masculinity or femininity, you are with the wrong person. Set them free.

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