10 Ways To Make Your Marriage Last 10 Years

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Ever wonder how some couples make it work for years on end? Find out here.

November 3 marked my 10 year wedding anniversary to the finest man I know— my husband, Rob. He is the best aspect of my life and it's an honor to be his wife. The unconditional love we share is effortless. The depth of our connection continues to show me our paths did not cross by happenstance; we were destined to experience life together. The trust and adoration I feel for Rob is immeasurable.

Contrary to what you may have heard, marriage is not burdensome. When you are married to the right person, building a life with your spouse is not an arduous task. For several years, friends, colleagues, relatives, and acquaintances have asked me the secret to my marital success. I want you to know there is nothing esoteric about being in a happy, loving relationship or achieving a 10 year wedding anniversary. Moreover, if you assess your relationship in these 10 categories, as well as follow your visceral instincts, I promise you will find your way to lasting love!

1. Attraction. Authentic attraction is more than chemistry and physical attraction. Assess your relationship for an intellectual attraction, an emotional attraction, and an inspirational attraction. Does your partner inspire you? The ability to inspire and be inspired by your partner will carry you through the decades. The 3 C's Of Long-Lasting Love

2. Accountability.  Do you hold yourself accountable in your relationship? Do you hold your partner accountable? Are you able to engage in discourse about obligations, concerns, or expectations? In a healthy relationship, the ability to hold your partner responsible for their actions and inaction is vital. However, you should never berate or disrespect your partner when holding them accountable ... and nagging is unproductive.

3. Communication. Effective communication is the cornerstone for every successful relationship. Are you able to communicate with your partner? Do you have similar communication styles? Are you aware of the impact of your verbal and non-verbal communication on your partner? When your partner speaks, are you truly listening? Being a good listener is a critical aspect of communication. By listening intently, you will continue to learn about your partner while creating a supportive environment for self-expression.

4. Lifestyles / Interests.  Having similar lifestyles and interests will propel your relationship to prosperity. Do you and your partner share similar lifestyles? Having opposing values or cultural ideals could prove to be challenging in the long-term. Sharing the same way of life enables you to connect at a deeper level. Do you and your partner appreciate the same type of activities and interests? By spending more time together, your connection will grow. You don't have to enjoy all of your activities together, but it's nice to experience certain interests as a couple.

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