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This App Will Ghost People For You (Because Adulting Is Hard)

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By Daniella Appolonia

Flirtatious texting is a fun, convenient, regular part of dating culture now. However, one downside is the sometimes inappropriate, or often even harassing, texts that are becoming a growing part of this environment.

Or, sometimes, you decide you're just not into someone and want to get out of it.

Oftentimes, people feel unequipped to properly handle these situations, unsure of how to gracefully exit a conversation or relationship they’re not into.

Finally, a solution has arrived to mitigate these issues!

Well, let’s call a spade a spade — a cowardly dating trend, “ghosting,” is now even more cowardly thanks to an app called Ghostbot.

What is Ghostbot?

Ghostbot recently partnered with bott makers Voxable and Peter Mirani, a screenwriter and graphic artist, to build a smart, free utility for the disposable number mobile app Burner to combat creepy internet predators and to help keep people safe from unwanted online dating and texting interactions.

Bascially, it’s the ultimate in privacy (and conflict avoidance).

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Want to nip an uncomfortable situation in the bud?

Switch Ghostbot on and an intelligent agent will take over, handling an uncomfortable situation with humor, disinterest, and wit ... quickly separating you from the conversation and the person on the other end of the line.

Ghostbot acts as a virtual assistant for you, sifting through the grime of the interwebs, sending off witty replies to the potential suitors you don’t have time to deal with or ultimately decide you’re not feeling.

Perhaps most importantly, you can immediately deactivate it as needed.

How to Use Ghostbot to Break Up With Someone or Get Them to Stop Texting You

First, this new bot sets you up with a disposable phone number via Burner, or gives you as many numbers as you need (for messaging, calling, and voicemail) to keep your real one unknown.

Next, you select the specific number(s) you want to ghost on.

Then, the chatbot will analyze the incoming message and create the perfect automatic reply (only sending it out after a suitable amount of time has gone by, of course).

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Better yet, Ghostbot doesn’t just type words — it also uses emojis in its response, if deemed necessary.

So there’s definitely plenty of fried shrimp and eggplant to go around when letting the creepers down easy.

Online sources — such as ByeFelipe, a Twitter account housing a variety of screenshots of atrocious behavior from text conversations — inspired some of the app’s replies.

While the bot may never do the job as effectively as a human, it seems to be a close second if you’re pressed for time and manpower in terms of getting your many suitors off your back.

But, what’s next? Will we start sending actual robots to restaurants and bars to screen our dates first?

Only time will tell ...

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Bella Acton is a relationship coach and the owner of Never Liked It Anyway, the eBay for breakups — a place to buy, sell and tell all things ex related.

Daniella Appolonia is a NYC-based writer and comedian who believes laughter is the best medicine and a healthy dose of sass can get you a long way in life.

This article was originally published at Never Liked It Anyway. Reprinted with permission from the author.