5 Genius Ways To Get Through Your Workouts Without Wanting To DIE

Photo: istock

The gym... It’s a heavy thought, some days, especially when you’ve told yourself you’re going to start going more, and then there’s just that one day where you can’t seem to get the gumption, but the guilt of not going starts to eat you alive.

To avoid a horrifying episode of cognitive dissonance, here are 5 tips to get through your daily workout easier and smarter!

1. Work out by the duration of a song, not the duration of time.


When you’re strutting on that treadmill, don’t tell yourself you have to stay on it for 20 minutes. Instead, tell yourself you’ll stay on it for the duration of 5 good songs. Or maybe even 3 long songs!

A smaller number like this is less daunting and makes the exercise seem more do-able, so you’re less likely to quit before you actually reach your goal.

2. Be motivated by a reward.

Find a post-workout snack that you enjoy, like a favorite protein shake, bar, or even a favorite restaurant. If you need a little extra motivation during your workout, just remember that you’ll only reward yourself afterward if you feel you really put in your all that day.

3. Work out with a friend… or don’t.


It all depends on the friend!

If you’ve got a friend that’s super fit and won’t drag you down with gossip and distractions, working out with them will challenge and inspire you! On the other hand, if your friend is known to treat the gym like social hour, you should probably avoid working out with them.

4. Continuously visualize your dream body.

When you’re feeling a little sluggish doing cardio or can’t seem to lift another weight, visualize your dream body and assess whether or not you think you’ve done a workout that day that’ll help you get there.

Be honest with yourself!

5. When in doubt, Netflix!


Or any other streaming platform, for that matter. If you’re having a day where your music just isn’t cutting it for you, streaming a show you love on your phone while you workout (specifically, during cardio time) can make your workout fly by!

Just two episodes of "The Office" is a 45-minute workout!

At the end of the day, though, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself, whatever that may mean to you. If it means doing only a light workout one day or skipping the gym altogether, nobody’s judging!

This article was originally published at Never Liked It Anyway. Reprinted with permission from the author.