6 Easy Ways To Get Healthy Together From Joy Bauer

Looking to get healthy as a couple this summer? The nutrition expert offers her best tips.

6 Easy Ways To Get Healthy As A Couple From Joy Bauer

With Memorial Day behind us, it's officially time to kick off the season we've all been anticipating. And, with more time spent outdoors, better weather and an abundance of fresh produce available, summertime is the perfect time to get healthy. 

But there's much more to getting in shape than just eating right and working out. You also need motivation. And who better to lend you a helping hand than the one you love — and vice versa? Having a positive body image not only has a huge effect on your self-esteem but it can also play a huge role in having a successful relationship.


We spoke to Joy Bauer, nutrition and health expert for NBC's TODAY show, last week during our #HealthyTogether twitter party about how couples get stay motivated this season, from cooking together to setting small goals each week.

Here are some of her painless tips about how you can get in shape as a pair.

1.  Get In The Kitchen Together
Instead of trying to sneak whole grain pasta onto his plate when he's not looking, make your good-for-you meals fun — and something you can prepare together. "We love making Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Super easy and light enough for dessert," said Joy. Another good one for date night in? Unfried Chicken Parm and Roasted Broccoli.


2. Skip The Bread, Go For Dessert
Don't let your date night dinners kill your diet. Instead, stay healthy when you're out to eat by skipping the bread and saving the room for dessert, Joy advised. See, you can have dessert!

3. Load Up On Healthy Snacks In The Car
Hitting the road for a romantic getaway this summer? Road trips are the perfect time to strengthen your relationship and your healthy diet. Leave the chips and M&Ms at the convenience store. Joy recommends bringing along grapes, cherry tomatoes, carrots, plums, peaches, chilled melon cubes, almonds, light popcorn and roasted edamame on your car trip.

4. Sweat Together
One way to stay fit and connected is by working out as a pair. But, don't think of it as a chore — think of it as a way to spend time together. Find something you both like, whether it's an intense workout, like Crossfit, or leisurely bike riding. "Ian and I take walks together all the time. You can't beat an uninterrupted hour of quality time. Any anyone can do it," said JoyKeep Reading ...

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5. Work Out On Vacations
It was unanimous — our Twitter followers and Joy said working out during your summer trip is a big DO. I know, I know, you're supposed to be "relaxing," but exercising, especially as a couple, can be relaxing (and fun) if you find what works best for you. @Booksforbetter recommends something meditative like yoga. It can even lead to an even better vaca."[Working out] boosts self esteem, gives you wiggle room with food, and strengthens your diet," said Joy.

6. Start Small
Be realistic as a couple. Joy recommends making a weekly goal with your partner and then conquering it together. It's easier to stay motivated when you're committed to something as a pair. "Small continuous goals provide constant encouragement, fuel longterm motivation," said Joy.

How do you and your partner stay in shape? Tell us your tips in the comments below.