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“No matter where you are in life, the right relationship can happen for you!” ~ Nancy Pina

About Nancy Pina

Dating can be discouraging. It is especially lonely without a plan for dating and correct direction toward the goal of commitment. However, it is possible to empower yourself with knowledge that will prepare you to attract lasting love. It can seem almost hopeless to attract the right one when you feel you’ve exhausted all the dating avenues, however there is a better way to reach your relationship goals.

  • What if you could avoid the pitfalls of dating and committing to another Mr. Wrong and knew exactly what to look for in the right man?
  • What if you had the necessary information that would prepare you for love in advance and leave the frustration of attracting men who are not the complete package?
  • What if you could permanently say goodbye to: the in-between job guy; the self-absorbed, high achiever inattentive to your needs guy; and the low priority feeling from the self-centered guy?

If you're in emotional pain or feel the lingering effects or love gone bad, you do have emotional barriers that you may not even realize. There is a process for clearing those barriers and I'm happy to discuss it with you (free of charge) to find out if you're ready for life-changing results. Click here right now to schedule your Free 30 minute phone coaching consultation.

"Nancy has a special ability to get to the heart of what really makes relationships tick. She can help you see areas where you may be unknowingly preventing yourself from surrendering to the type of relationship that is meaningful, fulfilling and lasting. She puts a special emphasis on cultivating vulnerability and trust and understands how dating is different at different stages of life. If you are interested in learning how to better attract and recognize the right partner into your life, I highly recommend hiring Nancy as your relationship coach." - Ingrid Sanders, CEO, San Francisco

I'm Relationship Life Coach Nancy Pina, a Christian who has discovered through my years of matchmaking that the key factor to attracting the right person is emotional and spiritual readiness. I have helped countless individuals such as yourself create fulfilling, rewarding lives with the right priorities. I learned how to live a life I cherish with the love of my life and I can show you how to do it too.

Save Time & Money

My unique coaching program will save you money on joining expensive matchmaking services which may not have the type of clientele with the high morals and values and character traits you’d like to meet.
  • I save you money on traditional therapy that may become weekly venting sessions that never show you how to move forward from drama cycles.
  • I share time saving, practical advice that will dramatically improve all your other close life connections such as family ties, friendships and professional relationships.
  • This process saves you time as we quickly identify exactly what you can do for your current relationships to become more fulfilling immediately. You will be able to date with purpose, equipped with a Relationship Plan which we will develop together.

I used the techniques and strategies in my own life and have seen countless clients’ lives transformed. I’m confident you can experience the same results and achieve your relationship goals too.

If you're ready for commitment leading to marriage, I invite you to sign up for my free special reports:

“Nancy is phenomenal! She has helped me see how I was attracting negative people into my life and why I was attracted to men who would continually hurt me. She helped me see the patterns of my relationships. The power of my thoughts and words! She coached me through the tough times of letting go of my past abuse and pain and pressing forward into a new, healthy future. She has been a mentor, coach, and a friend to me.” - Delena Richeson, LPC, Houston

I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Northwestern Theological Seminary with Bachelor of Theology in Christian Counseling. I am looking forward to hearing from you and helping you realize the dreams in your heart. Get started today and book your Free 30 mintute phone coaching consultation.

Nancy Pina Success Stories

Right Relationships Can Happen: Jennifer and Gabriel's Story

Women seeking a relationship

No matter what you have experienced in life, you can achieve the relationship dreams that God has placed in your heart. It is my belief that it is never too late for love to enter into your life if you are willing to surrender all past pain. God can heal your heart.more

Let's take a look at a wonderful success story that I'm positive will inspire you.

Jennifer’s Story

After you read this story and are motivated to achieve relationship success, I can help you reach those goals just as Jennifer experienced.

Jennifer shares from the beginning...

"Nancy Pina is an exceptional relationship counselor because of her faith-based world view. The counseling that she gives is rooted in scripture and draws on her many years of experience in relationship coaching. I have read her book Goodbye, Mr. Wrong, twice and gone back to reference it even more still. The stories and revelations in the book were real eye openers as I saw myself in a lot of the situations she writes about. She is an angel on this earth. She is the reason that I was able to break free from a toxic relationship and give my life to Christ.


I came to Nancy Pina as a non-believer and mixed up in a two year long relationship that I’m sure would’ve continued for years after, going nowhere but up and down. Through her counseling and encouragement I was able to hold tight to Christian values and develop a strong faith that God would bring the man of my dreams into my life. It wasn’t easy and I had a lot of work to do on myself, my mindset, and personal beliefs. She was there with me the whole way reminding me that God has plans for me, plans to give me a hope and a future.

Because of her, finding the right man was no longer my focus, strengthening my walk with the Lord and overcoming the lies I believed about myself became my goal. She never candy-coated her words or told me what I wanted to hear, she told me the truth and what I needed to hear.


Over time I came to find out just how seriously she takes her calling from God; she will answer to Him when all is said and done and this responsibility remains at the forefront of her counseling.

In a period of seven months, I met and entered into a courtship with the man of my dreams. We are now engaged and planning a June wedding and I have never been so happy.


I can honestly say that if I hadn’t gone through everything I had, and done the work to get through it all, I wouldn’t have been able to recognize God’s best for me. I thank God every day for Nancy Pina, my angel on this earth."

No matter what you have experienced in life, there is hope for love and I would love to help you achieve relationship success.

To get started, please visit my website today!

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