5 Ways To Get Over Breakup Bitterness

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Are you jaded and resentful about a relationship-gone-wrong?

Are you still feeling bitter about a breakup you went through ages ago? Don't let bitterness keep you from finding love! Here are five steps to help you move on with your life:

1. Own your feelings. After a relationship ends, it is pretty difficult not to harbor some feelings of resentment and bitterness that it did not turn out the way you hoped  Feelings of disappointment, rejection, anger, humiliation and bitterness are common.

It is essential to the process of moving past these difficult emotions to first recognize and acknowledge exactly what your particular emotional response to this experience is. How did your partner fail you? What is your resentment about?

This process can begin after you have gone through the initial reaction to the breakup. Some time must pass before you will be ready to process your feelings in an effective way. When you feel ready, spend some time exploring these feelings on your own.

2. Take care of yourself and reach out for support. This seems elementary, but sometimes, in times of crisis, people turn inward and disappear from trusted friends and family. When this happens, you will feel even more isolated, and may become convinced that not only doesn't your former partner love you anymore, but that no one else does, either. Doubting yourself in this way is a common but unhelpful reaction to a breakup.

Everyone is entitled to retreat from the world for a little while after a loss, to lick one's wounds and feel sorry for oneself and possibly eat more chocolate than one would ever show the world. But this period should not last longer than a few days. After that, no matter how awful you feel, force yourself to reach out to someone you trust for support. Continue reading.

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