10 Beauty Tips To Keep You Young And Beautiful Forever

Summer is over and fall's dry air and crisp breezes gently remind us of the sun's damage to our skin. Now, we only have about four weeks to make ourselves over and look spectacular for the season. As the daughter to a consummate diva and professional cosmetologist, I believe my inclination to re-invent my look every so often started early. My gorgeous mother not only worked on her outside look, but she was into natural health foods, and set some standards for us that have really been a blessing.

Even if the holidays don't inspire you, a makeover and helpful beauty tips can really do wonders for your self-image. Maybe you want a new job? Maybe your boyfriend just dumped you, or maybe you just kicked him to the curb? You owe it to yourself to be able to look in the mirror and feel your best. And, as with everything, beauty starts from within.

Here are best kept secrets of the ever-beautiful real women I have met throughout my life:

1. Don't smoke. If you do, quit now or keep it to once a year in Las Vegas. Smoking ages your face, damages your health, and yellows your teeth.

2. Try color blocking. During a recent trip to Paris I noticed that the most elegant women did not wear prints or florals. They wore mostly solids and frequently opposing colors and color blocking. They added a cheerfulness to their wardrobe with colored scarfs and jewelry that stood out against their simple attire.

3. Get out and exercise. Take a brisk 15 minute walk in one direction and then turn around. That's 30 minutes of exercise, which will do wonders for your figure, your heart, and your skin. The more oxygen we can bring up to our skin, the more beautiful of a glow we develop. Of course, wear sunscreen.

4. Moisturize. My mother taught me to moisturize twice a day. I now do it up to three times a day—upon awakening, after a workout, and before bed. I never let my skin dry up, and at 52 it has proven invaluable in keeping those tiny wrinkles at bay.

5. Drink your water. Water will help keep your organs function properly, but water will also make your skin look amazing. Many women don't realize how water can impact skin and hair. You should have half your body weight in water daily.

6. Color your hair. The greatest gift to women's beauty in the 20th century was hair color. Don't let your hair go grey until you can be natural platinum blonde. Try switching your shade a bit darker in the autumn, and a bit lighter or blonder in the spring. My hair is naturally black, so I highlight with burgundy and browns in the spring, then go back to soft black in the autumn. But greys? No way.

7. Show off your legs. Many women believe that unless they look like a supermodel, they should stay away from showing their legs. But why? Buy yourself a dress or skirt that is appropriate for your height. Then, get yourself some exquisite killer heels as high as you feel comfortable. Make sure they have lots of sparkle and color. Of course, you have to get a pedicure and shave those babies off. Lastly, a great secret if you don't like stockings is to finish off with some leg makeup or light, neutral color foundation. Your legs will look fantastic.

8. Have someone else do your makeup. We frequently get into a rut doing our own makeup, so I recommend you go to a good friend, or a great makeup person at an upscale department store, and have them try different makeup styles on you—eye shadow, blush, and lipstick. Winter is coming, so pile on some color. What's the single most obvious trait in an older or plain woman? Lack of fresh hues or color of the face. I know, my skin is getting almost translucent. If not for constant care, I would look like a zombie.

9. Copy something from the young and beautiful. Can't wear Jennifer Lopez jeans? You can copy Beyoncé's lip color. Look at the most beautiful women in the world and find your celebrity look-a-like. We all have one. Study their color palette, hairstyle, and wardrobe. You can't have it all, but pick one beautiful thing. We can all do our hairstyle like any celebrity, or select a pair of spectacular earrings to highlight our new makeup and hair.

10. Get your teeth whitened. There are plenty of do-it-yourself kits you can buy to make your pearly whites stand out. There is nothing sexier in a woman than a nice smile. Show yours off with the perfect shade of lipcolor.