10 Swoon-worthy Things We Adore About Modern Men

We tend to want to seek out the bad, highlight others' failures and mock those who stumble.

Dating was tough even before the invention of social media. But now it's an all out war on one another. We can instantly upload photos of clueless people, and screenshot conversations can be shared in the blink of an eye.

Let's be honest, we ALL have a tough job showing up and trying to be the present in our relationships. When we are constantly being judged about who we are, it's even harder to show up.

Let's talk instead about the GOOD things men are doing these days. They are: 

1. Embracing their softer side. Men are going to the chick flicks with us and crying at commercials and movies. They're OK with being vulnerable and letting us see their softer side. 

2. Still OK with being a manly guy, too. I have watched as some amazing programs for men have come across my social media feeds. Programs that give men the opportunity to gather and truly embrace their rough and rugged sides.

3. Spectacular dads. They partner with us, and they share the load of being a parent. Diapers, late-night feedings, baths, you name it, they are doing it right alongside us.

4. Taking better care of themselves.  From eating clean, to working out, to getting more rest, men are making sure they are taking care of themselves so they have more energy for the ones they love.

5. Loving to learn. Men are pursuing higher education and more of it. Men are digging into fascinating books and feeding their brains.

6. Taking better care of us. Working women are coming home to dinner on the table, kids bathed and in bed, housework done and a partner who's making sure we get taken care of. Show me a man that will paint your toenails on a Friday night and I'll show you a happy couple.

7. Stretching their own boundaries and beliefs. Men are willing to step outside of their comfort zone and explore morals and challenge social mores.

8. Tapping into their spiritual side. Yoga classes, spiritual retreats desire mapping and much more. Men are taking the time to really turn their focus inward and quite their minds and souls.

9. Willing to be goofy. Whether it's haivng a tea party with your toddler or dressing up like a minion for Halloween, the men in our lives are willing to unbutton and be silly with us.

10. Better at having tough conversations. Gone are the days of men clamming up and refusing to talk about stressful things. Men today are opening up and taking a risk to talk about things that make us uncomfortable and push our buttons. They are willing to seek out solutions together and find a common way through disagreements.

The amazing men in our lives will give us even more reasons to love them in 2015 as they show up, authentically and fully. Loving us deeply and passionately. Celebrate the man in your life who truly is an amazing partner and soulmate.

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