You're Born With The Tools For Happiness. Use Them!

You came into this world with abundance. Appreciate it!


Abundance As An Attitude Of Mind

From pre-birth, you were provided with sufficient tools to take you along your journey of life. Whatever were your mother's circumstances, while in her womb you were provided adequately to ensure your birth. Abundant capacity for happiness was with you from birth.

Abundance is an attitude of mind, as much as it is a bundle of assets. Abundance does not only mean wealth in the traditional sense of ownership. What is most important to you is free and in unending abundance—the air you breathe; without it you cannot live.


You ordinarily have health in abundance. You tend to look at what is not working, and lament your unhealthiness. Consider what's working, as opposed to what is defective. You can see, hear, speak, walk, and think. Moreover, you are worth more than $20 million, since you are unlikely to give up those foregoing treasures, along with one of your lungs and one of your kidneys at $2 million per organ.

An Abundant Environment

God is a God of Abundance. Look at everything around you. Consider the trees, the hills, the flowers, the seas, the clouds, the air and the stars. They are provided in abundance. If you want to feed your mind in keeping with your potential, you have to think abundantly. You ought not to think scarcity. Think big, but act big as well. There is a proverb for this; "Aim for the stars and you may reach the mountain top. Aim for the mountain top and you will likely remain grounded."


Life's Struggle And Joy

Do you want to be successful, or feel successful and attract abundance in your life? Then change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change. The way you look at life shapes your future. When you believe deeply in your heart that your ability is limited, you grow anxious and unhappy. When you truly trust in The Universal Principle, you ought not to be anxious about anything.

Life is a struggle, a fight, an opportunity and a joy. As you grow from babyhood to childhood to adulthood, you develop a number of skills to cope with life. The three areas that perhaps have the greatest influence on your life are:

  1. Expression of your values
  2. Your environment’s expression
  3. Expression of your emotions

Your core values determine the life you lead. Core values are what you believe to be important for your peaceful existence. They set the stage for what you are prepared to tolerate or provide. You have the vision for not only your personal freedom, but freedom from the oppression of others and society. Your whole life is the personal fight for such freedom. Your emotions eventually determine the outcome of your life. You have to learn to deal intelligently with your own emotions—positive and negative, as well as the positive and negative emotions of others who interact with you.


It's Possible

Every moment of life has three dimensions:

  1. The immediate thought before the moment occurred.
  2. The present moment
  3. The future consequences of the present moment

Capitalize on life's precious moments by affirming that whatever you want to accomplish is possible. Just live with the faith that it is possible. Have confidence in yourself. The land is there for you to possess. Just claim it.

Life's Journey


Each of us is a traveler on life's journey. The expressions of life are ephemeral, transient and momentary. You have entered this life for a moment in time. You encounter others, meet others, share with others and hopefully love one another.

In this way, you will fulfill your destiny and purpose in life. Share with caring, kindness, lightheartedness and love. This will create abundance and joy for yourself and those within your orbit. Then your moments will have been worthwhile. You will have truly experienced life's precious moments. You will enjoy life's bountiful abundance.