Why Men Like Watching Their Wives Have Sex With Other Men

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Why Men Like Watching Their Wives Have Sex With Other Men weheartit

Let’s face it: many couples are having affairs outside their marriages. Even though their reasons vary, they enjoy the sex in these escapades more than anything. It has been ascertained that many people in relationships (even the most stable ones) get the urge to sleep with someone else besides their partner.

Man being a dynamic creature always comes up with a way of adjusting things to suit them. Most of you must have heard about “wife sharing.” As funny as it may sound, it is real and people are doing it.


Wife sharing is a term used to refer to the act of willingly giving out your wife to another man exclusively for sex. The question is, how do you even start thinking about it? And how do you talk it through with your wife? Where do you get the other willing party to do it with?

Here's why men enjoy being a cuckold and enjoy this kinky lifestyle.

1. Men often fantasize about their wife with someone else.



Naturally, it is men who initiate this acts; however, there are even more women who are courageous enough to come up with this idea. Naturally, humans love variety. Wanting to sleep with someone besides your partner doesn’t necessarily mean that you are dissatisfied or there is mistrust. It may be just out of sheer curiosity or the need to try something new.

Men always have this fantasy of seeing how their women react when with someone else. It gives them some sort of satisfaction and arousal at the same time and they also get the freedom to try it with someone else.

2. Men can improve their own game.

Sharing is not always enough for men; men are strange by nature and would always want more from it. According to those who do it, watching your wife sleep with someone else is fun in itself. In addition, many claim that by doing so, it gives them a chance to improve their game by getting an audience perceptive of what really works on their women.


Men also like watching porn. It beats their imagination of how live porn would feel, especially if it involves their wife with some other random guy.

3. Men can let their wives choose, and that turns men on.

So, how do you get started in sharing your wife with other men? Often, this is the hardest part. Before you even think about it, you should consider whether your wife can be interested in doing so. The fact that you are a couple means that you fully understand each other and know what the other party can be interested in trying or not based on their personality.


For instance, before you share your wife with someone else, you would first sit down with her and talk through the whole thing. When discussing this issue, make sure you state clearly the reasons as to why you would want to do that with her. Give her time to think about it and don’t insist.

So where do you find the other guy or party? It is pretty simple. There is this term “swinger” and dating sites are being designed to serve specific goals. Like there are dating sites for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and such. Alternatively, you can let your wife do the search thing. For her, it won’t be that hard to get a man who she can be comfortable with and who can be interested in the whole “sharing” part of it.

In conclusion, if you decide to join the “share my wife” club, always be sure to play it safe and be ready for any consequences that may arise. Swinglifestyle is known as the biggest wife sharing website and is definitely a good start, especially since it is free.