The Kinky Couples Trend That's TOTALLY Going Mainstream

Could YOU get into this?

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The cat's out of the bag! The dirty little secret that people used to keep in the closet, the swinglifestyle, has become more mainstream over the years. The swinger lifestyle is now out in the open. People are even being honest with their friends and family about it!

Crazy, right?

That's how much more open people are being about these types of relationships. The world is changing, after all. Before we jump into the topic of the open relationship lifestyle, it's very important to note that being in a swinglifestyle relationship and cheating are two different things; people that participate in this kind of open marriage have an agreement with another couple and aren't going behind each other's back.


So, why is it swinging becoming more and more mainstream? Well, the Internet makes it easier to find other couples that participate in the swinging lifestyle. (Thank you, Internet).

Now if couples want to try something new in their marriage or relationship, all they have to do is look on adult dating websites or websites that specialize in people looking to have an open relationship.

As a society we are more aware of our sexuality, and even though we are in a loving and committed relationship, some people want more in the bedroom that the other person might not want. This is why they are now having open relationships that allow them to get what they want. People can have sex without getting attached ( ... right?) and it isn't taboo like years ago when you only had sex with someone you loved.


Swinglifestyle can also been seen in mainstream movies. There are movies out there that have taken the lifestyle and showed that it isn't bad. Movies like Changing Partners and The Big Swap have shown the world what it is like to be in this kind of relationship. And no one can forget the funny swinger scene in We're the Millers, where Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis participate in an open relationship fantasy with another couple they meet on the road. This shows you how far this lifestyle has come and how it is being more accepted today.

Having a swing relationship is no longer a behind closed doors activity. While most do want to keep quiet and discreet about it, others can be seen going to events that embrace the lifestyle that gives them the opportunity to meet other people like them. Think of it as a Comic Con for swingers. 

Most of the people that participate in open relationships are actually people who are married, have children, are well educated, and are financially stable. It's not like you're scraping the bottom of the barrel when seeking out another to join your open relationship. 

It still might not be accepted by some and others might not understand, but the swinglifestyle admittedly isn't for everyone. And that's OK. Don't worry about what others will think. Your relationships are your private life anyway!


If you want to participate in an open relationship, you have to talk with your significant other about it first. If you decide to do it without them knowing, then you're just cheating. There shouldn't be embarrassment about it and if you have a strong enough relationship and trust each other, then you can probably come to an agreement. This may or may not work in your situation, but if your relationship is strong then you shouldn't have a problem.