10 All-Too-Common Signs That Your Husband Is Cheating

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How To Tell If Your Husband Is Cheating

Well, men are smart. They will make every endeavor to hide their secret thing. It's very unlikely that they are going to come home with lipstick stains and reeking of a different woman's perfume.

But there are evident signs to find out whether they really are cheating.

A cheating husband’s traits are behavioral and if you observe carefully, you will notice them over time. Here are the signs your husband (or boyfriend) is cheating — so pay attention:

1. He suddenly had a make-over.

A sudden transformation in your spouse is not very normal. If your couch-potato husband is suddenly hitting the gym, then you better watch out. There may be a younger colleague he is trying to impress or he has found a new partner in the gym itself.

In either case, you should be on your mark because we know what is lying ahead.

2. He's pulling away.

His attitude towards you has suddenly changed. Your sweet and once so friendly husband has started criticizing you for no reason at all. He finds fault in every little thing and finds excuses to push you away.

If these are your recent encounters, then you better be on your guard because it’s that time before the huge storm. Maybe your better half is attracted to someone else. He has really found someone better than you or at least, he thinks the new one is better.

3. You're together but you feel miles apart.

It is difficult for any person to get emotionally attached to two people at once. If you find your husband distant for quite some time, this is the reason.

If he has stopped saying those cheesy lines or giving those warm hugs, then it is obvious that he is slowly getting attached to someone else and wants to keep you away. These acts are simply guilt of cheating. He doesn't want to hurt you, but at the same time, you no longer mean the world to him.

4. He surprises you with sudden gifts.

If you find your husband suddenly showering you with gifts or doing the dishes then don’t get excited. This might well be a sign of guilt that he is trying to hide or get rid of.

Over affection is another such act which you should see with caution. Don’t let these acts fool you.

5. He becomes protective of his phone.

If your spouse has become paranoid with his cell phone and doesn't want you to get near it, know that there is something wrong. Talking secretly for long hours or texting for hours is definitely a sign of a different woman’s presence in his life.

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6. He seems like a different man.

If your spouse has suddenly become too busy with work or doing too much overtime or going on a lot of business trips, then it is possible that these extracurricular activities involve a different woman.

Gradually, he is making his time with you shorter and shorter in order to spend time with his new found love.

7. He doesn't pick up your calls.

A cheating husband’s trait is to skip calls from his wife. He will find excuses such as meetings, trips, or no network zone. These are very silly and easily noticeable excuses which you should understand as signs of extramarital affairs.

The same meaning implies if his phone is busy, hour after hour. This will be the time for you to act.

8. Your gut tells you something is wrong.

It’s because a women’s intuition is deadlier than an antenna. If you feel something is wrong, then it is likely that something is definitely wrong.

It is difficult for a man to cheat and act normal. You will sense that the chemistry is somewhere disturbed. Act on it now.

9. He's not interested in sex with you or wants sex too much.

If you find your husband more or less interested in sex, then it is a definite call for trouble. Less sex might mean that he is satisfying someone else and saving all his energy to dedicate the woman he is attracted to.

At the same time, more sex is a sign of guilt. He just doesn't want to let you know, no matter what.

10. He talks about someone else a lot.

If he keeps mentioning a particular woman in his conversation, then it is a sure sign of his bonding. When you ask, he answers that she's just a friend, a very attentive worker, or someone he gets along with well — these are signs of trouble.

He is being half truthful. Your man is well on his way making plans to get rid of you very soon.

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