8 Signs Of A Cheating Partner (According To The Men Who Bust Them)

Be on the lookout for these.

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Sometimes you have the feeling that your partner is cheating on you but you want to be sure. Asking is an option but there’s no guarantee that the cheater will admit to cheating, and worse, might even turn the tables on you.

If you want to know some tell-tale signs of cheating without asking the other person, take a look at this advice given by real private investigators who specialize in catching cheating spouses in the act.


1. They have new, unusual texting habits.


If your partner wasn’t a texter and have suddenly started texting, then you might be on to something. More so if your partner has started to text at weird times or weird places. A red flag would be going to the bathroom to text, waking up early or staying up late to be on the phone, or being secretive about text messages.


2. They have a sudden interest in strange music. 

OK, so maybe the music that your partner is listening to isn’t strange, but it is something that you’ve never heard before or your partner has never listened to before. This isn’t limited to music. A sudden interest in new types of movies, books, or even hobbies could be a sign, especially if your partner doesn’t want to share these new interests with you.

3. There's a drastic change in appearance. 



People often undergo a makeover when they get promoted, reach a significant age milestone (such as turning 40, turning 50, and so on), or when they begin a new relationship. If your partner has started wearing a new sort of underwear, buying new perfumes or cologne, or have started getting body-conscious all of a sudden (and not for health reasons), then you may have something to be concerned about.

4. They hide finances and work longer hours. 

Working longer hours is a common excuse for people who are hiding an affair, more so if occurs with a rise in expenses or the partner hiding financial details. Another sign could be being vague about work. If a partner used to talk to you about what went on at work and simply stopped sharing work stories despite working more, then maybe something else is going on.

5. They go through roller coaster mood changes.



People who cheat are often eaten by guilt and this shows through sudden mood changes. One moment your partner might be very sweet towards you and the next thing you know, you’re accused of something you have no idea about. Cheating partners often pick fights because of guilt and it's also a way to get away and spend time with the new beau.

6. They act like a completely different person.


Your partner who hated exercise now can’t stop going to the gym. Or maybe weekends that were supposed to be your "couple time" has now become your partner’s "me time." It can also be that your partner has suddenly become very sexual or perhaps have lost interest in any intimacy.

Whatever sign you may see that basically makes you feel like your partner has become a whole new person might be worth looking into. If your partner isn’t cheating, then there’s no harm in finding out the truth for yourself.

7. They're secretive.



When your partner starts changing passwords and putting screen locks on gadgets when that isn’t the case before, then something has definitely changed in your relationship and your partner could be hiding something.

8. You feel it in your gut that you're being cheated on.

Sometimes it is not about what you can see but what you can feel. Instincts are there for a reason. When you feel that your partner may be cheating, then it is best to find out soon to avoid more issues later.



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