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6 Tips To Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies: Start By Taking A Peak!

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It may be your sexual fantasy that's making you curious about voyeurism. Learn how to experience the thrill of voyeurism with your partner. Catching a glimpse of someone in the nude by accident can be thrilling, especially if she or he is attractive. But there is a big difference between accidentally looking at a nude person, and intentionally creating a scenario to view someone having sex or undressing. If you derive sexual pleasure in privately watching someone nude or engaging in a sexual act, then you are probably a voyeur. So, what makes voyeurism so exciting? Curiosity. The human mind is always very curious and wants to know everything. The male mind, in particular, can't help wanting to stare, be it at a skirt lifted by the wind, or sexy female boobs.

If you're a voyeur, who is married or in a serious relationship, talk to your partner about it, so they can understand your fetishes and sexual needs better.

Here are some of the ways you can experience the thrill of voyeurism with your own lover:

  1. Role Play With Your Partner: Ask your lover to undress in a different room, and try peeping at her through a crack in a window, or keyhole, as you would do to a stranger. If the idea excites both of you, then undress for her too, and let her enjoy seeing you in your birthday suit. Role playing is a great way to satisfy your voyeuristic needs, and spice up your sexual life. 
  2. Use Mirrors in the Bedroom: If you enjoy watching people engaging in sexual acts, then consider placing a large mirror parallel to your bed the next time you want to have sex with your partner. Looking at the mirror while having sex will give you the feeling that you're being watched by a different couple, and you're watching them as well. Feel free to get as close to the mirror as you like to get a clear view of the real action taking place.
  3. Make a Video Tape of Yourselves Having Sex: Make a home video of the two of you in bed having sex, and watch the video whenever you feel the urge to peep at another couple. Just make sure the tape does not end up in the wrong hands.
  4. Go to a Strip Club: Go to a strip club in your neighborhood with your partner to get a lap dance or watch a live show. If that's not possible, go to regular clubs full of people dressed skimpily; you'll get the same sexual gratification you derive from watching strippers.
  5. Go on a Sex Vacation: Take a few weeks off to a nudist resort, and get to meet couples who share similar activities as you or even join a swingers website. Of course, that's if your lover likes the idea. Feel free to strip down together with your partner, and enjoy the experience.
  6. Watch Another Couple Have Sex: If you have close family friends who are also voyeurs, arrange to spend the night together at your place, or their place, and get intimate in each other's presence (only if your partner is comfortable with the idea).

Find out more information about what it means to be a voyeur. Read voyeur stories to get ideas as well. And don't forget to check out those swingers websites!