6 Sex Positions That'll Rock Your Woman's World

Want to please you're woman in bed? Try these 6 Sex Positions Women Just Love.


When it comes to enjoying sex, positioning is always the key. Needless to say, it is better always to have more sex positions in your arsenal. However, you need to ensure that sex positions let your girl enjoy herself. Although it’s extremely important to make her horny, she also needs to feel comfortable. No one wants to feel like their back’s going to break in the name of an orgasm. With all that being said, let us tell you about 6 sex positions that women love. When you know about women's favorite sex positions, you and your girl can have an awesome time in bed.


1. Bronco Buster

This one is believed to be a female dominating position. In fact, it is also loved by most guys. Let us tell you how to get into this. Whether you choose a lounge chair or coffee table, you need to find a place to lie down then let the legs hang off the edge. At the same time, your girl needs to place her smooth legs on either side. She should stand on the feet to work on the top of you. As she goes up and down, you should place your flirting hands on her hips. To let her enjoy more, ask her to move side by side.

2. Raising The Mast

This is considered to be a male dominating position that your woman will enjoy immensely. Most women's favorite sex positions include this one. While kneeling, you need to rest your girl’s heels against the shoulders of yours. This position will let your girl enjoy many different types of penetration. If you want an additional bonus, you can place a soft pillow under her hips and make her to have a powerful orgasm. As she’s lying down, she will enjoy it to the maximum extent.


3. The Bamboo Split

This one is a side by side position. It is perfect for couple who wants to lie down close and move at a slow pace. This position lets your woman feel passionate love you have for her. As she sleeps on her side, you need to lie behind her with your male organ near hers. You need to gently make the way in. First, you have to lift her leg and keep it over yours. Then, while you massage and kiss her, start with gentle strokes to let her feel you inside.

4. The Puppet Master

This is one of women's favorite sex positions. Since it is a sitting position, it allows full and deep penetration. You can use a stool and ask her to sit all the way back on the edge. Her hips should stick out. You need to stand just behind her and enter from behind. Although she will not have much control, you can penetrate as deep as your woman asks you to. You can place your playful hands on her shoulders, spread her butt cheeks and even twist your hips. Try to understand her feeling and penetrate accordingly.


5. The Pose and Lock

In this position too, you need to enter her from behind. As she lies down flat on her stomach, with feet in air and knees bent, you should make the way on top of her. However, you should not drop your complete weight on her. Now, just penetrate deep into her's hole from behind. In order to keep your weight off her, you can lean on the hands of yours. As you penetrate her, start kissing her back.

6. Cowgirl - Woman on Top

Interestingly, this position also signifies a metaphor. It represents female equality. This is one of the most popular women's favorite sex positions. It gives more control to a woman. Under this category, a variety of positions can be included. One popular variation includes the woman lying flat on top of you, while she’s feeling you inside. Another famous variation is the reverse cowgirl’, where the woman faces away from you in the same position.


For men, most of the time sex leads to orgasm. However, it gets a bit more complicated for women. In fact, according to some studies and researches, only 30% women have sex that leads to an orgasm. But there’s nothing to worry about. With the sex positions mentioned in this article, you can make sure your woman has the best orgasm of her life. Sex positions can make a significant difference in reaching an orgasm.