5 Irresistible Dating Rules For Women

Try these 5 dating tips to make the man of your dreams fall for you.


You recently met your prince charming and now you want to make sure that he finds you irresistible right on the first date. How do you plan to get yourself prepared? What can you do to make him fall for you? Should you act in a most sophisticated way or be yourself? A lot of such questions might be popping in your head right now, if you’re already planning to go on a date with him.

Of course, first dates are important and drive the course of a relationship. It is important to give your best, if you really want him to stay forever. So what are the things you should focus on to make sure you have a great date?


Here are 5 dating rules for women heading for their first date:

1. Confidence Is Must For A Woman

Bubbly, confident and happy going lucky girls always tend to attract amazing guys everyone has been eyeing on. Men have a natural tendency to get attracted to women who look and feel confident. Unless and until you’ll show him your confident side, he might not feel too involved. Most sadly, he might not even treat you the way you would want.

Remember, everyone on this planet has some or the other sad and miserable aspect in his life, but this doesn’t mean you’ll outburst in front of everyone and anyone. Unless and until he decides to become your soul mate, there’s no chance you’re putting that baggage on him on your very first date. The trick is to keep it elegant, entertaining and happening for as long as possible.


2. Dress For Yourself Always

Needless to say, a lot of women make this mistake and often end up feeling uncomfortable in their attire. Even if your man likes you to see in a gorgeous evening dress, there’s no way you should put up with it if you have never tried one before. Experimenting with new clothes is not the right approach to follow on the very first date.

Let it be comfortable and wear something that makes you feel at ease. This way you will be able to make your evening more fulfilling and enjoyable for both of you. Also, if you are not comfortable with makeup, do not even try to experiment with it. Just a mascara, liner and lip gloss should be enough to make that face look gorgeous. Just be yourself and present yourself in a way you would like him to know you.

3. Let Him Initiate Conversations


This is one of the best dating tips for women that will make you look sophisticated and reasonable. It is not at all a good idea to keep blabbering throughout the time. Keep your conversations light and sophisticated on the first date. Let your man do the maximum talking and respond to him in an intellectual manner. Let him know you can handle all types of conversations in a good way. In short, avoid talking about your excitements, curiosities and doubts without any halt. Let him talk to you in a convenient pace.

4. Don’t Be Judgmental On The Very First Date

A lot of women have the tendency of getting into the conclusion on the very first date. If you are not seriously thinking about getting into a relationship in general, then you might consider moving on if the man didn’t interest you much. But, if relationship is in your mind, make sure you give him ample of time to prove his capabilities and abilities to you. Relationships demand much more than his ability to strike an interesting conversation on the very first date. Don’t be judgmental and enjoy every aspect of the date to its maximum potential. Give him some time and space. Let him get comfortable and make sure you keep the fire burning until the last conversation.

5. No Sex On The First Date


Has he charmed you till eternity? Do you feel like grabbing him from the neck and kissing? You might be lost in such fantasies if he has managed to take away your heart on the very first date, but it is a good idea to resist your temptations and give your relationship some time before getting into sex. It will help you make a reasonable decision.

Follow this checklist of dating tips for women and it shouldn't be difficult for you to make your first date a memorable and everlasting experience. These 5 dating tips for women, when followed appropriately will give your relationship good start.