4 Reasons Sharing Your Wife With Other Men Is Worthwhile

sharing a woman

Ever hear of wife sharing? Discover 4 secrets that make this relationship worthwhile.

When the term "wife sharing" is mentioned, many people will either choose to ignore the whole issue or discourage it. However, deep inside, they always desire to engage in it.

Society always portrays that a man should stick to one wife. In fact, the notion or even thought of sharing a wife is treated as taboo. But, the truth remains that sharing your wife with another man, or having other men share his wife with you is not a bad thing after all as demonstrated below:

1. Spice up Your Life

It is known fact that even the so-called "marriage made in heaven" also go through some storms. A time comes when your "queen" or love of your life stops being all that. It might be momentary, but it still affects your life. In fact, many divorces are fuelled by stale love life. Nothing to talk about, lacking the life energy, or feeling ignored are some reasons. Rather than being a victim of stale love life, you should consider sharing your wife a way of spicing up your life.

2. Reduce Boredom and Monotony

Let’s face it! Marriage life can become boring and monotonous. Sleeping and waking up every morning seeing the same face. Putting up with the same old boring stories. Trying hard not to stare at your friend’s or neighbor’s cute wife. I mean, you would not want to make the misses angry, would you? The best way to kill the monotony and boredom in married life would be through wife sharing. You as well as your wife will have something different to experiment on and talk about.

3. Improves Trust

Sharing your wife is more than just widening your sexual experiences. It also helps in building trust. You probably are asking yourself, how? Well, many men and women are involved in infidelity or unfaithfulness simply because their marriage life sucks. Unfaithfulness brings mistrust in a marriage. Nonetheless, wife sharing allows the husband and wife to experiment with other people openly. The openness and transparency builds trust among the couples. In fact, a couple will not engage in other affairs without first informing his/her partner.

4. New Experiences

There is a saying that states "Experience is the best teacher." No matter how many books you read how many movies you watch, or visits you make to the marriage counselor, you are highly unlikely to salvage a stale relationship. But, if you opt to experiment with other people's wives, you get to learn new things. Also, you are able to share thoughts and body with someone else. In the end, you become much wiser and more open minded.

Although many people choose to not talk about it, and if they do, they talk in hush tones, sharing wives is becoming more accepted. Many people are already doing it secretly. Some have even given it names such as wife exchange, wife swapping and more. This desire is fuelled by the factors mentioned above.

Rather than trying to fight the truth, it is probably high time we accepted the truth. The sooner wife sharing becomes an accepted norm, the better for everyone.