The Complete Guide To Finding True Happiness (In 3 Easy Steps)

Finding happiness isn't as hard as you think ... but you have to be willing to rock the boat!

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I've found the key to complete happiness.

After years (and years) of collecting information and tips from all around the world, I've come up with my complete happiness guide. And, lucky you, I'm going to share it with you.

Here are 3 powerful yet simple rules for absolute, complete happiness: 

1. Start Doing Things You Fear

To reach a state of complete happiness and maintain it with minimal ups and downs, push your comfort zone regularly and embrace rocking the boat.


Most people believe that happiness requires stability and a cozy comfort zone. I say that happiness is found OUTSIDE of your comfort zone. You must dare in life by doing the things you fear most and consciously seeking circumstances that challenge you.

Routine kills our imagination and creative spirit. Sure, we're sold the idea that happiness means having a nice house, a nice job, nice things and a nice partner. But how is that working for you so far?

Nothing is for certain—we are here today and we do not know how long we have to feel satisfied and rich of experiences. Feeling full of life is the best complete happiness anyone can experience.


If happiness and a fulfilled life are your goal, start by doing that one thing you feel the most fear and dread about. Doing so skyrockets your confidence and renews your sense of self. In short— overcoming this challenge will put fire in your veins!

What can you do today to stretch your comfort zone and feel alive?

2. Acknowledge How You Feel

I don't know how I ever believed that there were good feelings and bad feelings. Once I let go of the judgement, accepted that feelings are just feelings, and allowed myself to experience them all, I reached a much deeper sense of happiness.

I once believed that you can only be happy when you feel happy, when everything is nicely going your way. It was only when I accepted anger, sadness and grief as part of life that I actually gained a better hold on my own happiness.


Now, when sadness comes, I ride it like a wave and treat it like when happiness comes; they are both just feelings and they both come and go. So, know that achieving happiness doesn't mean you always feel happy, as that is humanly impossible.

Complete happiness simply means that you have your feelings in check (congratulations, you're a grown up!) and you are authentic in whatever experiences you have in any given moment. Life happens. Stop resisting it. It's in dancing with ever-changing circumstances that complete happiness reveals itself.

What feelings do you need to conquer for a happier life?

3. Put Yourself In Charge

Last but not least, I now accept that there is no magic elixir that will transform my life and bring me fulfillment. I'm done with the false belief that happiness is linked to the external world, material possessions and random circumstances.


Stop expecting a prince or a princess to show up and make your life all perfect! Whether that prince or princess symbolizes a job, a person, or money, you're still linking your joy to something outside yourself.

Embrace that you are the sole and exclusive creator of your happiness. Put yourself in charge of your happiness (you'll find it's far more rewarding). Clarify and align your values, your life purpose, and your goals and create the foundation on which your happiness rests.

What can you do to put yourself in charge of your happiness?

Remember the Happiness Formula


So, pretty simple, right? 3 tips that will transform your life. Here's a reminder of my "complete happiness" formula:

  • Happiness and uncomfortableness go hand in hand.
  • All feelings are equals.
  • You are the only creator of your happiness.

Being happy is a social responsibility, because when we stretch and grow, and are lit up by new shades of happiness, everyone around us benefits as a result.

Monica Magnetti is a Life/Business Coach and Brand Consultant and a proud YourTango expert. Her goal is to bring happiness to her clients in their personal and working lives. Start your happiness journey today. Download for FREE Monica's acclaimed book, 30 Days to a New You. Life/Business Coach and Brand Consultant YourTango expert. 30 Days to a New You.