The Cute, Casual Things Guys Do That Prove They'll Make Excellent Husbands

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The Cute, Casual Things Guys Do
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There are ways to tell if he's really a keeper.

Recently, I read an article in Cosmo about what happens when a woman sees a cute guy for the first time.

When a woman sees a cute guy for the first time she montages. She quickly catalogs whether or not this guy would be husband material. Would her family like him? Will he be a good dad? Could he take care of her?

Yep, that’s what we do and we make assumptions based on nothing but experience in our first glance. Not such a great way to judge husband material, eh, ladies?

Fortunately, there are ways to tell if that cute guy will make an excellent husband. They don’t seem like a big deal, these things, but they are.

Here are the 5 qualities of a guy that makes him an excellent husband:

1. He tells everyone how amazing you are.

Does your guy regularly tell people how amazing you are? Do his friends know that you make great spaghetti? Do his co-workers know how smart you are? Does he tell his mother that you walk on water? Does he walk down the road with you and tell passersby how beautiful you are?

These things are cute and endearing but what do they mean? They mean that he thinks the world of you and that he wants everyone to know it.

So how will that make him a good husband?

Good marriages are based on mutual respect and if your guy publicly demonstrates that he loves you, he will bring that respect into the marriage. Marriage can be difficult. Without respect, it is impossible.

2. He looks you in the eye when you are talking.

A guy who looks you in the eye when you are talking is a guy who is really listening to you. Keeping steady eye contact instead of glancing at his phone or at that cute girl who walked by, means that your guy is focused on you and what you are saying.

A great husband is someone who really listens to you. Who is interested in what you are saying and tells you that with eye contact.

When you are married there are lots of conversations to be had. Good listening skills are a key part of making those conversations successful.

3. He remembers what you tell him.

Many of us are guilty of not being good listeners. And if we do listen, we are often guilty of not remembering.

If you can tell your guy that you have a meeting at 4 o’clock and that you won’t be able to meet him at the bar after work and he remembers, that is huge. If you ask your guy to stop on the way home from work and get some wine for your mother and he does, that is huge too.

Guys who listen and remember what you tell them are guys who will be good husbands.

Why? Being married is being part of a team and that team is only as good as each of its team members. If your husband can carry his share of the load without you needing to nag then your marriage will stay a strong one.

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4. He checks you out as you walk across the room.

Is there is nothing better than being at a party and looking up and seeing your guy watching you from across the room? Or knowing that when you walk in the door, he will only have eyes for you until you are beside him.

Your guy thinks you are hot. And he lets you know it. So why does that make him good husband material?

If your husband thinks you are ho,  your sex life will remain hot. Being married can be difficult and the sex life is often the first to go. But if the sexual attraction is there then every sex life can be saved, even if it falters for a bit.

And a good sex life means a good marriage.

5. He doesn’t try to fix you when you are sad.

When you are feeling sad, is your guy the first one to try to fix you?

If you are upset about something that happened at work does he immediately lay out a series of things that you could have done differently or should do differently in the future? Or does he just sit and listen and hold your hand?

Most guys are fixers and that is okay. But if your guy has it in him to just listen and understand, then he is a keeper.

When we are married, a lot of things go wrong in life and having a partner who doesn’t need to fix you is a partner who will love and support you and who you will want to stay married to.

Yes, we women are pros at montaging but there are lots of cute, casual things guys do that prove they’ll make excellent husbands.

What you want in a guy is one who thinks you are amazing, listens to you and remembers what you say, who wants your body and is willing to just sit and listen.

So keep your eye out for traits in your guy that support that you are these things to him. If you see those traits, your guy is a keeper.

How great is that?

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Mitzi Bockmann is a New York City-based Certified Life Coach. Contact her for help.