5 Lifestyle Factors Holding You Back From Mind-Blowing Orgasms

You'll be surprised by the mental blocks holding you back.


Two summers ago during my study abroad year in Texas I came face-to-face with my very first orgasm by intercourse. As soon as I came down from the high I jumped up manically overjoyed, celebrating the big event and thoughtlessly admitted that I had lied about achieving orgasms on all the other occasions.


It was a major turning point in my life. And after a lot of reflection, lively discussions with other women and research on the female orgasm, I discovered five significant factors that may be stopping women from reaching orgasm:


1. Your attitude toward sex

Education, religious upbringing and culture can all have an effect on the way we view sex and how comfortable we are with our sexuality.

For instance, if you were always taught to fear sex, or that sex was only for making babies and not for pleasure than you may find that your attitude to sex may be preventing you from truly letting go and allowing yourself to enjoy the experience.

Changing your attitude to sex, understanding that it is OK to enjoy and want sex and taking control of your sexuality and your sex life can unlock the door to a happy and healthy sex life with plenty of orgasms waiting.


2. An unwillingness to explore

It is important to know what pleases and pleasures you. There may be positions that can greatly increase the chance of having an orgasm. If you find that you’re always in the missionary and getting the same orgasm-less results, then it may be time to spread your wings a little.

Exploring alternative positions, thoughts and fantasies and listening to what your body responds to is a fun way to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Knowing what you want and being able to guide your partner will most certainly help you achieve orgasm.

3. The dynamic of your relationship

Some women can meet a total stranger and have a mind-blowing orgasm with them after five minutes. Oh, how I envy them. I suspect most of us benefit more from a relationship with someone we know and are comfortable with.


However, if your relationship is built in such a way where you feel that sex has no meaning, or if you find it difficult to communicate with your partner, you may find it a lot harder to assert yourself which in turn will stop you from taking your path to orgasm to the next level.

4. Past negative experiences 

Traumatizing past experiences ranging from a simple thoughtless negative comment about our body to a history of abuse could affect the way we view sex today. Negative past experiences can make having sex difficult and make us associate sex with the negative feelings we experienced during those unfortunate past events.

Tackling those bad experiences head-on — either through therapy or even just talking about it with close friends or documenting the feelings in a personal diary — can lift a heavy weight off your shoulders and allow you to view sex for what it is: an intimate display of love and affection that should be wholly enjoyed.


5. A feeling of insecurity 

I am yet to meet a woman who doesn’t have insecurities. Whether it’s a bottom too big, a bottom too small, a muffin top, or ripples of cellulite, concerns about the way we look, feel or taste down there can block our journey to orgasm.

Improving self-esteem and having a partner that champions us despite our “faults” helps us relax and most importantly makes us feel safe and comfortable. And when we’re not obsessing about how we look, we can spend more time on just enjoying our love-making, making us more receptive to an orgasm.


After all, orgasm is as much a physical experience as it is a mental and emotional one.