5 Ways Highly Attractive Women Over 40 OWN Their Beauty Every Day

Photo: Unsplash 
5 Ways Highly Attractive Women Over 40 OWN Their Beauty

Throughout time, women have maintained a love/hate relationship with menopause.

On one hand, it's liberating to know getting pregnant is finally a non-issue and that pesky periods are a thing of the past. But on the other hand, most women feel trepidation about their new post-fertility-years bodies.

It's a lot like when you were a teenager. Remember the apprehension you felt as your body shifted and changed before your eyes? The thought of getting your period was both "gross" and a little thrilling?  

Now your body is changing again, right before your eyes. And yes, for some women, the road feels a little bumpy. Some of that is physical, but honestly — a great deal of the journey is mental. 

Here's the thing, ladies — menopause and "growing older" aren't what they once were. Nowadays, super attractive women over 40 celebrate this transition! They embrace and appreciate the shifts in their body and own their power and beauty. Here are five amazing ways mature women maintain their allure and appeal: 

1. They ask for what they want in the bedroom

Sexual confidence is the signature of today's modern woman. And how liberating it is to finally speak up for what you want! And men (young and old) appreciate a woman who values herself enough to look out for her own pleasure. 

2. They update their look

Shifting hormones result in changes in our hair and skin, as well as our bodies. You won't catch one of these ladies clinging to a style that no longer flatters her. Whether it's a new haircut or makeup that flatters her best features, she stays gorgeous because she allows her personal version of "gorgeous" to shift with her (versus trying to look 25 forever). She let's her best self now shine through.  

3. They're truly in love with their body

Isn’t the female body amazing? It stretches and contracts during childbirth and then feeds those children. Every cell in the body is replaced every seven years throughout our lifetime. It’s truly awe inspiring and that miracle deserves all of our love. Confident women understand this and embrace their body in the present tense. And for some weird reason, not having a bloated belly to deal with once a month makes body confidence even easier!

4. They let their intelligence shine through

With age comes wisdom. It’s true. Attractive women acknowledge all that they've been through and know now as a result. They celebrate their intelligence and trust their instincts. They know their voice matters and speak up with kindness and confidence.  

5. They know when to pause and when to push ahead

Self-care is the hallmark of a radiant woman over 40. She knows it’s important to pause, physically and emotionally. She checks in with herself. Is life going in the direction that I imagined? Is this what I really want? She takes time to analyze and assess, to rest and recharge. She knows when to reserve her energy and when to go full-steam for a new dream. There is power in the pause. And she knows it.

Aging is inevitable. Menopause is unavoidable. But remaining vibrant and full of life is a choice! 

Appreciate your changing body and the beautiful shifts that come with it. You're never too old to be the best version of you ever!