5 Types Of Selfies That Attract Women

Yesterday, we discussed the concept of selfies and how some of them are cute, some of them are clever and some of them are about as smart as snorkeling while eating BBQ ribs in waters teeming with Great Whites. The latter is because people can't help but judge you based on your selfie. So if you are a guy posting a pic of you surrounded by female breasts, women will almost automatically issue you your "Player" card and simply walk, or rather click, away.

But all of this judgment works in reverse. What this means is simple: posting the right kind of selfie won't cause women to run from you; instead, it just may have them eating out of your hands (not literally, that would be creepy). So the next time you are on, Instagram or Facebook, remember to post selfies with the following qualities:

  1. You with children: Selfies with children are selfies women can't help but love. This doesn't mean you should "rent a child" for a photo op, but if you have nephews, nieces, cousins, younger siblings, godchildren or even your own children, show them off. Displaying your affection for kids is a great way to speak directly to a woman’s heart — and her ovaries.
  2. You with dogs: Posting a pic of you kissing your cat = borderline creepy. Posting a pic of you kissing your dog = adorable. Sorry, cat people. It's nothing against our feline friends; it's just that owning a cat as a single person has a certain element of loneliness attached to it (whether you are a man or a woman). Owning a dog, on the other hand, causes people to assume you love animals, being active and adventure. At least as long as you own the right type of dog. Labrador Retriever says hiking in the mountains. A Maltese says tea-parties at home. Also, as a side note, never post selfies that show you with your pet hamster or gerbil. That's just asking for too many Richard Gere comparisons.
  3. You traveling, but with reason: Some people confuse online dating sites with travel photo albums. They post pics from every travel experience they've ever had, stopping just short of that one time they traveled down the birth canal. Women like to know that you are into visiting other places, but they don't need to see something that mirrors a brochure for a travel agency so make sure you show that you have other hobbies as well.
  4. You sober: Yes, I know; drunk pics are way funnier than sober pics. And, when you're young, they may be much more frequent as well. But, think about it this way: if you saw a profile of a woman who only posted selfies of her blood-shot eyes and smeared lipstick, what would you assume? Probably that she is either really wild or a Lindsey Lohan impersonator. Neither assumption is all that flattering. So, while it's okay to posts pics of you having a good time, make sure some of your good times are sans alcohol.
  5. Your whole body: On dating sites, people have a bad habit of posting pics that are deceptive; they are thirty-five and post their senior picture from high school. There is an assumption that this is mainly done by females, but in actuality men do it too. Thus, you should post selfies that not only show your face up close, but also show your entire body (yes, you may need a mirror to accomplish this). If you only post pics that show your face, women may assume you are hiding something even when you're not.

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