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12 Tips For Making A Great First-Date Impression

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You would think that every woman would know how to get ready for a date. And there are many who have perfected this task. But you would be surprised, many women don’t put all that much effort into looking good, especially on a first date. Many have given up and just don’t feel like it, even when they have a date! Others are so entrenched in their negative self talk that they don’t even notice that they are not putting their best self forward.

The way you present yourself is very important in any situation, whether it business or a romantic date. Make sure you show your good side and that you made an effort to look your best.

Italians always dress to impress. Even if they are just going for a walk downtown or to the grocery store, they make sure they look their best and take their Gucci bag with them! Accessories are a women’s best friend! If you don’t own a Gucci bag, don’t worry, go to your local outlet stores and splurge on a designer handbag. It will make you feel good and look good at the same time (I love going treasure diving at the designer outlets in Florence. It is the mecca of designer fashions and there are deals on top of deals,

Here are some tips on making the best impression right off the bat: (partly contributed by

1. The way you dress for a first date says a lot about who you are and provides some important visual clues to your partner. A word of caution however. When it comes to a first date you may not really want to divulge the closet hippy or femme fatale lurking within. Don't wear clothes that are very revealing or expose too much of your body. Leave that for when you get to know each other a little better.

2. How you choose to dress should show your date you respect him enough to make a good impression. It can also make you feel a lot more confident and relaxed on your first day or night out with the object of your affection. Don't overdress in an effort to make an impression. A little black number isn't famous for its over-the-top detail after all!

3. Don't dress too casually or too formally. Go for a smart-casual look that is not too understated or too bold and daring. Add a touch or two that says "I am unique". Never wear an item of clothing that is show-offish or obviously accentuates your body on a first date. Your date will notice that you work out under basic clothing too

4. Always dress for a first date in clothing that is both neat and clean. This says a lot about your personal hygiene, self-respect and ability to take care of yourself. Make a good effort to be as presentable as possible - wash and style your hair. Make sure your teeth are brushed and bathe or shower before your date. (I once had a guy come to a date with a ripped shirt and stained tennis shoes! Can you believe that!)

5. Consider wearing a favorite outfit if it suits the occasion. This will make you feel confident and comfortable and this translates into better self-esteem at a time when you are likely to be a tad nervous.

6. Choose your outfit based on the venue for the date. If you are going to a rock concert, you could go with ultra-trendy or semi-casual but don't overdo it with a death-metal T-shirt (unless you know your date will be wearing one too!) or green streaked hair.

7. Accessorize! Accessories make an outfit. You could be wearing the most basic outfit, that becomes a show stopper with the right accessories.  Men love accessories too! It shows you have style and are unique.

8. Don't forget your shoes and stockings when you dress for a first date. Many a fabulous outfit has been ruined by forgetting to wear a good pair of shoes and stockings if appropriate.

9. Your shoes should be clean and polished if need be and suit the time and place, the outfit and the weather. If you are going to invest in anything new for a first date, a new pair of shoes would be it.

10. Leave your cell phone or pager at home! Well, I know that won’t happen, but don’t stay attached to the phone. It is rude and inconsiderate to text and check your phone every 2 minutes. It will give the impression that you are not into him. When you dress for a first date you don't want to appear to be tied to your work or anybody else either!

11. Pay close attention to your grooming and hygiene. ALWAYS bathe or shower before setting out for a first date and make sure that any after shave, cologne or mouthwash isn't too overpowering.

12. Never chew gum.

When you dress for a first date make sure you don't under or overdo it. A first date is a time to get to know the object of your affection and to establish a solid relationship based on mutual respect so don't get too tied up in what you are wearing but do make sure you create a lasting impression even if you get a little help from Gucci!

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