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Speaker/Presenter, Wellness Coach

About Meredith Deasley

Meredith Deasley BA, RHN, RNCP, ACC is the owner of The Resourceful Mother - a company that has connected families to health and happiness since 2002. Meredith is a Certified Life Coach (with the only globally recognized life coaching designation), Registered Holistic Nutritionist (she won the Canadian Lifetime Achievement Award in May 2018), Author (she has written and published three books, as well as articles, helping others heal physically, emotionally and spiritually), and Speaker. She has taught Nutrition, Body Mind Spirit and other subjects at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition for over ten years. Her expertise and use of hair analysis and food sensitivity testing takes the physical health of adults and children to whole new levels. Meredith's ability to understand others and help them clear their emotional blocks has helped individuals around the world reach their optimal potential. She has been interviewed on numerous television and radio shows over the years. Meredith meets with people individually (in person, on the phone, over skype) and conducts seminars helping others in unique and powerful ways so that they can live the happiest and healthiest lives possible.      

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