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15 Ways To Connect With Your Spirituality During Your Self-Love Journey

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Learning How To Love Yourself Through Spirituality, Spiritual Health And Wellness

When learning how to love yourself, you may not always think spirituality plays a role, but it does. 

We know that spiritual wellness and health can help us find meaning, peace, and joy in our everyday lives, no matter what goes on around us. So, spirituality and health are more closely related than you realize.

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Learning to love yourself prompts you to take care of your spiritual health.

And the more you cultivate a spiritual perspective, the better you feel inside.

Here are 15 simple, but effective ways to love yourself by improving the health and wellness of your spirituality. 

1. Breathe

Our breath is a gift we take with us wherever we go — we always have it, as long as we are alive.

The more we take time to breathe from our stomachs, while doing nothing else, the easier it becomes to be a witness to ourselves, others, and our lives. And the easier we can access higher wisdom.

2. Spend time in nature

Being in nature is where we experience true magic.

When we look closely at a woodpecker, the tree trunk of an old tree or a trillium, we can’t help seeing the universe’s magnificence and gain new perspective on our circumstances. 

White birch trees actually emit serotonin to calm our minds and bodies!  

3. Keep a gratitude journal

This is the best way to shift our thoughts from negative to positive, increase our self-esteem, help us relax, and feel happy inside.

It is impossible to focus on what we lack when we see everything we actually already have.

4. Read spiritual books

Almost all my spiritual knowledge has come from reading books. Whether you read A Course in Miracles, Journey of Souls, or the Bible, your wisdom and inner peace will grow.

Spiritual books can teach you how to communicate with your angels, spirit guides, and higher self. They can help you understand the symbolism the universe shares with you every single day. 

5. Use angel cards

You can purchase these cards online and pull one whenever you desire some high-level guidance in handling an individual or circumstance.

6. Look up the meaning of the signs sent to you by the universe

What did we ever do without Google? Now we can simply type "symbolism of robin" and understand its meaning for ourselves.

We can do this with animals, reptiles, insects, numbers, flowers, and anything that seems significant in our path.

7. Pray

This is how we connect with God and spirituality. The idea is to build a relationship with God. We can’t just continually ask God for help without thanking Him.

How many times have you felt completely distraught, prayed and then felt immense relief? Our prayers are always answered if they are for our highest good and if we are willing to be patient.

8. Meditate

This is how we are able to hear the answers to our prayers. Meditation starts with simply breathing deeply.

Eventually, we can receive wisdom and even connect with the spirits we knew on Earth. Practice is all it takes in order to get the perspective we need to feel at peace. 

9. Take a Reiki course

Reiki practitioners allow universal healing energy to come through their hands and help others heal. When we receive Reiki, we can obtain the guidance we need to move forward in our lives, change an unhealthy belief, see our lives more positively or become centered in our power.

This practice has improved our energy and reduced our stress and pain for thousands of years.

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10. Have a reading

Having a reading, whether it be a past life regression, reading with a medium or an astrological reading connects us with the universe spiritually, helps us to get to know ourselves and brings us peace and understanding.

Ensure you meet with someone who is highly recommended!

11. Find your constitutional homeopathic remedy

Homeopathic remedies are derived from the vibrational essence or energy of plants, animals, insects, reptiles, and minerals.

These remedies deliver frequency-specific vibrational energy at a cellular level to the physical, emotional and spiritual body, and bring balance.

A recommended homeopath can determine the right constitutional remedy for you.

12. Obtain a flower or tree essence elixir made specifically for you

The healing capabilities and high concentration of life force found in flower and tree essences adjust the consciousness and the karma (the unresolved traumas and conflicts from past lives) that creates an imbalance in our bodies and minds. 

13. Use essential oils

The oils actually cross the blood-brain barrier and reach a deeper level within ourselves.

Each essential oil’s complex and unique scent triggers emotions and memories by activating regions in the brain’s limbic system, which can assist individuals in clearing their emotional blocks and rediscovering peace and joy.

14. Use crystals and gems

When healing energy is focused through crystals and gems, it is sent to the areas of the body that need it most.

Quartz crystals, for example, can unblock the chakras, remove any imbalances or negativity, enhance meditation and increase an individual’s connection to spirit.

15. Love

Spiritual wellness and health equal love. The more we love ourselves and others and can see the beauty in our circumstances, the more spiritually well we are.

The more we focus on spiritual wellness and health, the more love we will feel coursing through our veins.

Spiritual wellness and health have allowed me to heal from every single thing that has happened to me in my life. Whenever I have not been at peace with a circumstance or person, I have drawn upon my spirituality to process and transcend.

I will spend the rest of my life helping others do the same.

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Meredith Deasley is a certified life coach, registered holistic nutritionist and expert in spiritual vitality. If you are ready for a more in-depth exploration of your nutritional, emotional or spiritual wellness, including your past lives, you can contact her for your individualized consultation.     

This article was originally published at The Resourceful Mother. Reprinted with permission from the author.