Older Women Using Social Networks For A "quickie

If you happen upon a phone lying in a house with teens and you see a naked body part, there is a 50% chance its mom’s phone. Teenagers aren't the only ones sending racy pictures and text messages over their cell phones. According to the AARP, "sexting" is catching on with the 40 and 50 crowd.

The owner of Firstwivesworld.com explains that there is no expiration date on “sexy.” This web site helps divorced women get back into the swing of things, which may include sexting. With divorce occurring in about 50% of marriages, 40 and 50 year olds are dating more than ever before. Women are seeing themselves as ageless and no longer see themselves as part of the 50-year-old stereotype. Many look better than they did when they were a 30-year-old. According to a poll by Men’s Fitness and Shape magazines, nearly 40 percent of women say that social-networking media (text messaging and Facebook) are causing them to jump into bed faster with their partners than they would have in the past. Dr. Belisa Vranich PH.D believes that texting creates anticipation and builds emotional and physical tension between the couple.
Facebook and texting may be seen as a form of courting, and it provides couples with a sense that they have been together for a long time. Two nights of texting may seem more intense than two face-to-face dates. More risqué words and a more intimate language may be used because people are less intimidated if they aren’t looking at each other. Having sex quicker may seem more natural if you assume an intimate position with each other sooner.
Older women are sooner to sleep with their partner for many reasons including their lack of concerns about getting pregnant. They may feel less inhibited since they typically have more confidence than younger women. They also may have the feeling that they know the person well (usually they don’t) so they may not practice safe sex. This can lead to consequences they may not have thought out clearly. Older women are more confident in their careers, financially well established, and many have been through painful divorces. They aren’t looking for a husband or someone to take care of them; many of these women already have families of their own. They are looking for a boyfriend with benefits.
Safety tips for older women prior to having sex:
1. Your immune system is not as strong after 40 as it was at 20. This leaves you more prone to STD’s. Use protection.
2. Older women are more prone to bladder infections with sex.
3. Even though you may believe you have better insight into men, be careful. Two days of texting can never replace several months of face to face dating. Lies are texted too.

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