5 Signs She’s Not Just A Friend

Your boyfriend or husband has a new woman in his life and you’re not sure what to think. He says that they are just friends but you don’t feel quite sure about that. You can’t let go of the feeling there may be something else going on between them. Knowing the five signs of when a female friend isn’t just a friend will help you start looking out for more signs that your partner may be cheating on you.
Sign #1: He Doesn’t Want You to Meet Her
He’s told you about her or you found out about her somehow and when you ask to meet her, he bluntly says, “No.”
What this means: She either doesn’t know about you or it’s too weird for you to meet his mistress. If she was really just a friend, he wouldn’t have any problem with you two meeting and would even encourage it.
Sign #2: He Hides His Communication with Her
You know he’s texting her, calling her and even meeting her for lunch sometimes, but he won’t tell you when or anything about it. If you happen to find out, he becomes defensive at the reason why you are asking and doesn’t want to go into detail about it.
What this means: He’s feeling guilty about his communication with her because he knows what he is doing is wrong and you’d be hurt and upset. If she was just a friend, he would tell you about the meetings, show you the text messages and invite you out with them.
Sign #3: His Eyes Light Up When You Mention Her
If you simply just mention her name or ask if he communicated with her, you can see his eyes widen and failed attempt to hide a smile.
What this means: He can’t hide his feelings for her even when you mention her. If she was just a friend, he wouldn’t have a reaction to her name and would treat your inquiry as any other question you ask.
Sign #4: He Says She Needs Him
She has some personal problems she needs help with and your partner is the only one who is able to help her through it.
What this means: They have a connection and that they want to spend more time together. If she was just a friend, he would give her advice and she would go on her way to seek help from someone else that she has an emotional connection with.
Sign #5: They Laugh and Touch Each Other
If you have the “pleasure” of being around them, you may notice that they have inside jokes; they laugh with each other and at times, touch each other on the arm and shoulder.
What this means: They have spent way more time than you know about to establish this close connection. If she was just a friend, they would have a laugh, invite you over to tell you about it and touching each other would happen minimally, if not at all.
If these signs seem too familiar, it may be time to look out for other signs of cheating.

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