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About Jenny Gwinn McGlothern

Jenny Gwinn McGlothern, created her four hour mini-monthly retreat business, Mama Needs A Refill, LLC in 2009 when she saw the need for women to refill their empty cups. Jenny believes nurturing others requires pouring from a full cup and the retreats provide a space for women to reconnect to their own wisdom within leaving them recharged, rejuvenated and refilled.  Not everyone has the ability to jump on a plane and leave town when their cup is empty. Often a true refill can fuel you in a shorter amount of time. It is about discovering what you need that truly refills. This is the focus of her mini-retreats.

Jenny honors her first passion of writing, her favorite cup filler, by posting to her weekly blogs, www.heartwriter.wordpress.com and www.mamaneedsarefill.com. She currently is working on her first book Mama Needs A Refill, Finding Light in the Madness of Motherhood. She believes that everyone has gifts and purpose to share and when their cup is empty they are unable to pour out those gifts to the world. Whether she is speaking to an audience, coaching clients, facilitating retreats, teaching life coach students or writing her blogs and book, Jenny's intention is to facilitate healing. She draws out and fires up those gifts in others by asking powerful, life changing questions. Her enthusiasm, charismatic spirit and compassionate heart inspire her clients to be their best selves. People are drawn to her easy-going nature, humorous approach and authentic magnetism.

As a writer since age 12, mother since 2001, retreat leader since 2009, certified transformational master life coach since 2012, teacher at Seattle Life Coach Training since 2014 she is passionate about people filling their cup spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Jenny tells us, “We all need refills, not just moms. All of us. No one can pour from any empty cup!”

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