4 Different Ways To Fill Your Mind, Body And Soul

Just like there are four states of presence, there are four ways to refill your cup. Let’s look at those ways now.

Physical—How you move your body, what you feed it and how you care for it.

Mental—The thoughts that fill your mind. The activities that inspire and motivate. Your ability to relax.

Emotional—Your feelings lead you to where you need to be. The relationships in your life.

Spiritual—There is something Divine residing within all of us. Not only is it bigger than us, it is beside, above, under, around, working through us,  even if we don’t believe in it. No one can define your spiritual relationship. It is perfect and whole, just as you are, constantly growing and present. It is up to you to nurture and create it.

There are days when we need to be refilled on all four levels. Each day is different with particular needs requiring our attention. Some days your body is calling out to be refueled and other days it’s your heart and soul that seek attention.

Physical Cup - When I was in my twenties I filled my physical cup far differently than I fill it now in my late fourties. A five mile run back then left me exhilarated, rejuvenated and sailing higher than a kite. Today, there's nothing like a Bikram yoga class to align my body, get my heart pumping and leave me not only grounded but higher than the clouds. Our bodies change. Listen to the needs your body has today, not twenty years ago. What you feed your body, the rest you give it and the activities you choose should support and heal you not leave you exhausted and deprived.

Mental Cup—Believe it or not relaxation is a mental activity. Not only do our minds need this mental vacation, but so do our bodies. Do you partake in work, social activities, and hobbies that stimulate you and fire up your brain waves?

Emotional Cup—We all have feelings. You are not your feelings but they have a vital role in guiding you where you need to be. Do you listen to your feelings or ignore them, stuffing them deep down for no one to see? Are you hanging out with friends who feed your soul or make you feel lost and empty? Surround yourself with those who support and encourage your heart’s desires. Circle yourself with those who embolden and honor the beautiful person that you are.

Spiritual Cup—This cup is about honoring what connects you with your belief in a Higher Power. Your God may not be someone else’s. The way you feel a connection, fellowship, peace and unity could very well be different today than it was 10 years ago. We are all spiritual beings who change along our path in life. Unfolding to our purpose. Do the activities you partake in bring you closer to your God of understanding or separate you? Where you feel love is the ultimate spiritual cup definer. Do you feel love and connection on a mountain top, in a church pew, eating a meal with friends, sitting still or singing in the rain? No one can define this connection for you.

All four of these cups need your attention and awareness so that you can do what you need to do and BE who only you can be. Because when you do that your cup stays full, your heart stays open and everyone, yes, everyone around you reaps the benefit of your full cup.

Ask yourself two quick questions when you are engaging in an activity with the intention of filling your cup:

1.) Am I doing this because this is what I have always done or because it truly feeds me?

2.) Am I doing this because I think I "should?" If the answer is "YES," please STOP. Should is a dirty word and serves no one.

When you spend energy giving you must spend the energy to receive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. No one but YOU can fill up your tank and refuel your soul. Will you begin today?