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6 TOTAL Lies You ACTUALLY Believe About Why You're Still Single

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Many women go from one year to the next with strong limiting beliefs about why they are still single — beliefs that ultimately hold them back from finding love. Don’t let these reasons, be your reasons to stay single.

Check out these beliefs and see if you can relate:

1. You believe there're no good guys near where you live.

Where you live has NOTHING to do with your ability to meet men — especially in our world of limitless technology. I have met countless women all over the world who say there are no great men in their city, even when their city has MILLIONS of people. I have even met people in small rural towns in Ireland who think there are no men in the entire country.

Men are literally EVERYWHERE. The real question should be do you have the confidence to interact with him?

2. You believe ALL men are [insert something you hate here].

Any statement that is a blanket statement like this is SURE to keep you single. Things like "all men can’t be trusted", "all men cheat", "all the good men are taken". Really take the time to ask yourself ... is this REALLY true? Probably not.

3. You believe older men are only interested in women half their age.

Age should never be a limiting factor in your ability to find love. I often meet women in their late thirties who are convinced that men their age are looking for women much younger than themselves — but it's another one of those blanket statements that is just not necessarily true.

4. You believe there's just something wrong with YOU.

Everyone in the world believes they are flawed in some way or another — EVERYONE. Imagine what it would feel like if you just let go of this belief — the freedom it would give you to go out there and be who you WANT to be.

Feeling flawed shouldn't stop you being, doing or having anything you want in life. Mindset is everything, and mastering how you see yourself plays a huge part in your ability to find love. 

5. You believe that love will just FIND you one day.

People plan their career, plan their holidays but when it comes to love we just wish and hope and dream it will just happen. Wishing won’t get you any closer to a man. Knowing what you want and going out there to GET it will get you there a WHOLE lot faster.

6. You believe you're not attractive enough.

If you believe you have to look a certain way to be attractive to the opposite sex, you're doing things all wrong. Men are attracted to all sizes, bodies and personalities, so this is NOT the reason you are still single. You ARE attractive enough and once you focus your energy on finding someone to love, you'll find lots of evidence to support this theory.

Our beliefs are strong and they hold us back all the time. Take a step back to see if your beliefs are bringing you CLOSER to love or FARTHER from it. Break free of your limiting beliefs, get out there and be confident that your man IS out there, waiting for you to find him too.

Lorna is a dating coach who helps smart, savvy, successful women who are single find love with a great guy by showing you how to master the dating phase. Check out Badboy Breakthrough Podcast for more free advice from Lorna and her dating expert colleagues.