9 Super-Bizarre Facts You NEVER Knew About Your Vagina

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9 Bizarre Facts about the Vagina

Many women know very little about their vaginas. I was no different. Sex education was limited when I was in school. We weren't encouraged to explore ourselves or to look at ourselves.  

I learned much more when I hit my mid-twenties and I started seeing women who had sexual issues. Until then, my knowledge of the vagina was limited to the ordinary.  A client came in with vaginismus and in the process of working with her, I learned all about the humble va-jay-jay

Do you have a normal vagina? Here are 9 bizarre facts you should know:

1. Most of your clitoris is actually in your vagina. 

The clitoris extends and wraps around all the way to the back of your vagina. It is proportionally almost as big as a penis and has twice as many nerve endings. 

2. Vaginas can fall out! 

This is called vaginal prolapse. Prolapse is graded for seriousness from 1– 4. In the most serious form (Grade 4) vaginal walls are actually outside the body. Prolapse affects 1 in 10 women. It is the results of weakening muscles, fascia, and ligaments.  

To decrease your risk, keep up with your Kegel exercises.

3. The vagina is a potential space if nothing is inside it, it collapses just like a sock without a foot inside. 


The cervix is at the back and nothing gets past that but sperm and menstrual blood (except during childbirth). So you can’t lose anything in your vagina.

4. Each woman’s vagina is different but they all look basically the same.  

The differences are in length and depth. Vulvas look different from woman to woman.

5. Your vaginal muscles are so strong you can literally lift weights with them. 

The record belongs to a Russian woman, Tatyana Kozhevnikova, who holds the world record for lifting 14 kilograms (30.86 pounds). There is a barbell designed specifically for toning these muscles.

6. Lots of sex does not make your vagina any looser. 


But it does double in size when you are turned on. The things that make your vagina looser are aging and sometimes childbirth.

7. Your vagina heals itself better than most parts of your body.

Tears and rips will heal in 48 hours in most cases. The vagina is also self-cleaning, which is why it is not advisable to douche. Washing without too many products, without harsh soap is the best idea.

8. You can be born with two vaginas. 

The most unusual case of this was one in which a woman presented in labor and that is when she found out. She had two vaginas and two uteruses. One cervix was dilated 8 cm and the other was completely shut. 

The rumor was that her husband would always tell her that having sex with her was like having sex with two different women.

9. Some women are born without a vagina at all. 


One in 5000 women is born without a vagina. This is called vaginal agenesis, and 90 percent of these women have MRKH syndrome. They also often don’t have cervix, uterus, sometimes kidney and hearing loss as well as sometimes spinal problems.  

Also, 30 percent of women who are born without a vagina are missing a kidney or one kidney is deformed. There is a lot that can be done now for these women.  Vaginal reconstruction is very advanced now and vaginas can be constructed so well that no one would notice the person was born without a vagina.

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