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25 years +


Los Altos CA 94024 - United States


PhD, Other

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Dating Coach, Life Coach, Psychologist, Relationship Coach

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All areas, please inquire

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Every obstacle leads to a higher level.

About Liz Zed

Hi. I'm Dr. Liz and I'm delighted to be in YourTango! What a great relationship venue and not a moment too soon--just in time to ensure you get "back on track" with your current relationship or commit now to "be on track" of true, inspired relationship ASAP.

I hope you're ready for the journey of inner discovery and incredible interpersonal fulfillment that is in front of you now. I've had the good fortune to be mentor, coach or therapist--and sometimes all 3--to thousands of individuals, couples, and families over the years. I know first-hand what rewards are in store for you when you set the intention to make your relationship work.

I learned quickly in my formative years as a therapist, the importance and priority of communication skills. I saw that by utilizing basic principles the energy, feelings of connection and rapport easily raised a positive vibe between members of any couple, family or group.

I've been blessed in the areas of psychology, body work, and spiritual practice to have been trained by many exceptional and globally-recognized leaders. It is so clear to me now that we have great and effective change-technologies at our disposal. For the most part, it's only an unwillingness to apply ourselves that stands in the way of our ability to create great and soul-satisfying relationships.

While I now experience a level of ease and competence in tackling most of the "problems" that clients experience as getting in the way and holding them apart from having the relationships that make living so much more fulfilling, it's really not about the "techniques" or "skills" that I bring--these contribute an atmosphere of assurance, results, and confidence to be sure--but the true work happens in between the sessions, where you put into practice what we've created together.

Guided visualization skills I learned in the early years will come in handy--they usually do. The adventure begins though in exploration.

The conscious you is busy planning how to manifest what you think you want. Ever wonder about the deeply-entrenched ideas that are running the show when your fleeting conscious atttention is elsewhere? As your confidential brainstorm partner, we'll expose your hidden conflicts to the light of day.

My years working with adolescents and adults with addictions have given me plenty of opportunity to appreciate the need for systems that match your individual personality profile. All of our work together will be individualized.  Even accountability is customized. A couple is populated with 2 individuals. If I'm coaching you as a couple you will learn to utilize the variations in your styles for your maximum advantage and pleasure.

As a serial entrepreneur who has created several successful family businesses, I have excellent business skills and can assist in navigating style differences and conflicts over finances.


To Your Success,

Dr. Liz


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