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Hi I'm Dr. Liz & delighted to join you here at YourTango as a Spiritual, LifeStyle Design, & Life Purpose Coach. Here’s my spiral timeline progression: ‘rats & stats’ quantitative research to parapsychology research, extraordinary meetings with extraordinary people--noteworthy masters of the day, moon travelers, spiritual gurus from the psychedelic realm, yoga masters & physicists turned movement experts, leaders in humanistic psych who also made up the founding core bulk of transpersonal (mind, body, soul) researchers, qualitative research of the transpersonal learning sphere. Personal results: discovery of how “luck” & predetermined path intertwine between dimensions and learning to see & experience beyond the linear constraints of time & space! 

Coaching clients want help to understand how to access guidance from the Higher Self, connecting with their true purpose or path, & tapping into divine intelligence. As a masterful coach I authentically collaborate with your Magnificent & uniquely talented self via alignment, attunement and allowing. 

The journey is designed to gain trust in yourself, with confidence & a sense of worthiness & deservedness to tap in without effort or holding back. I invite you to join me to tap into your Higher Self in this exploration of consciousness expansion & lifestyle design to discover who you are and what you truly want. 

The conscious you is busy planning how to manifest what you think you want. Ever wonder about the deeply-entrenched ideas that are running the show when your fleeting conscious attention is elsewhere? As your confidential brainstorm partner, we'll expose your hidden conflicts to the light of day.

Vividly Visualizing Your Success,

Dr. Liz


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