How You Spend The First 10 Minutes Of The Day Will Make Or Break It

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The 5-Step Solution To Starting Your Day The Right Way In Just 10 Minutes

Aside from getting a good night's sleep, there is nothing more critical to having a great day than how you begin it. How to have a good day depends on the first 10 minutes of your morning — this is what counts the most.

Does your morning routine sound something like this?:

The alarm sounds. You hit snooze and close your eyes. You toss and turn. The alarm sounds. You hit snooze. The alarm sounds.

You grab your phone, defeated. You check Instagram. "Like, like, like, pass. Wow, she looks great in EVERY shot." You close down the app.

You check Facebook. "Love, like, thumbs down. Wow, that's a little too personal!"

You check Twitter. Next, you check your news feed, then get depressed at the state of the world. You check your email and remember 10 million things that are due before noon. 

You jump out of bed, realizing you're 20 minutes behind schedule. You race to get ready, stressed to the max, and already on a downward spiral.

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If this is you, you are not alone. 

What if your morning — and your day — could look different? What if you invested only 10 minutes each morning in making the rest of your day fantastic?

You can make some simple improvements to your morning routine to make yourself more productive, healthier, and happier in the process. 

Before you undertake these actions, though, you need to follow these three golden rules for how to feel good every morning:

  • Rule #1: Keep your phone out of arm's reach, on the other side of the room.
  • Rule #2: Do not check your phone.
  • Rule #3: Refer to rule number 2. Do not check your phone.

Assuming you can manage these restrictions, you’ll be set to go.

Here are 5 steps you to take in order to energize your day:

1. Nourish yourself.

Before you do anything at all, sit up, reach over to your nightstand and grab a glass of water. Water is nourishing, hydrating, stimulating, and it even wakes up your digestive system. If you drink the whole cup, you'll be well on your way to meeting your required intake.

Dehydration is a leading cause of fatigue, so drinking up will keep you alert later when your energy crashes.

2. Express gratitude.

After you finish your water, take a moment just to breathe. As you do so, reflect on everything in your life that makes you thankful. Maybe you're happy to have the love of your family, health, food on the table, a fulfilling job — or you're merely appreciative of the promise of a new day.

Add to your gratitude list and keep it by your bedside for easy access. Let your breath and your gratitude envelop you and fill up your heart.

3. Get inspired.

Take a few minutes to remind yourself of your end game — what matters to you most in your life and all that you want to bring into it. Look at your vision board, if you have one.

I mean, really, look at, as if for the first time. Connect with what inspires you and drives you. Channel how you want to feel and what confidence you want to bring to the day.

Read some quotes or affirmations out loud for an extra boost of motivation.

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4. Focus.

Now that you're clear on how you want to feel, and you can envision your aspirations, make choices that align with those outcomes.

Hone in on one or two things that you can do to make today great and set out your intentions. You can note these in your planner if it helps. With clear goals and a clear path, you can win the day!

5. Get moving.

You don't have to commit to a full workout every morning to reap the benefits of exercise. The practice is more important than the duration here, and the activities don't have to be complicated.

Start with a few stretches and yoga poses, then do a few arm weight repetitions. That will be enough to get your heart pumping and your oxygen circulating. Take that momentum and let it carry you through the day.

Once you've tried out these steps, make them a daily ritual. It takes 3 weeks for something to become a habit that sticks. Then, set a goal for yourself to implement this morning routine for 3 months.

Notice how you feel, how much you're accomplishing each day, and what else shifts in your life. You'll be amazed what an impact these 10 minutes will have.

Feel more alive physically and emotionally, with added gratitude and joy — and get more done than you ever thought possible. You're worth it!

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