5 Types Of Guys Who Make The BEST Boyfriends (But Are Often Overlooked)

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how to find soulmate man who respects women

I was talking to male friend of mine a few days ago who lamented that all women are looking for the same guy.

His theory was all women wanted to date the doctor or lawyer who’d never been married or had kids  and who they thought could make a great dad for their future kids.

He said many women don't realize that this is what they're after, but deep in their hearts, it is.

I wanted to pitch an argument to that logic, but unfortunately, I really couldn’t. The thing about the the guy I was talking to was he wasn’t that "ideal" guy at all. However, he will be a great catch for some lucky woman — and the fact that he’s been single as long as he has is a mystery to me.

It led me to ponder how often guys like my friend are overlooked in the dating pool.

And he's far from the only one. There are several types of guys that have great potential that often get overlooked. If you're a woman wondering how to find your soulmate, or even just a happy, healthy relationship, I suggest giving a variety of guys a second look.

Here are five types of guys who are too often overlooked, but who just might end up being your soulmate:

1. The Geek

Having worked many years in tech industry, I can tell you this: Every so often when one of those geeky guys steps out from behind his computer monitor into real daylight, you will find a man that is so smart that it’s undeniably sexy.

His beautiful, soulful eyes are an added bonus. What these guys might seem to lack in the charm department, they more then make up for in the “treats a lady right” department. After all this type of guy respects women. 

2. The Blue Collar Stud

I’m sure we all remember the Diet Coke commercial where the women in the office building fall all over each other to get to the window to check out the guy running the jackhammer. He’s smoking hot.

That said, he may also be a very well educated man, and very well-suited to family life. These guys work hard, and are often easy to get along with.

3. The Single Dad

As women, many of us expect men to date women with kids without hesitation. But we think more than twice about dating men with kids themselves.

Single dads have a very difficult time in the dating pool.

That said, they are responsible, have experience with commitment, and aren’t in the game to be players. Single dads may have scheduling issues, but much like single mothers, they are very good at getting lots of things done. If he’s into you he will make time to make you a priority in his life.

4. The Divorced Guy

Most men who get divorced see themselves staying single for a long time after the ink is dry. But very few of them do.

These men have learned a lot from the school of relationships, and have refined their ideas about what they want and how they want to be. They are often more mature and better at relationships because it’s not their first trip to the circus.

In general, men don’t need as long to recover emotionally after divorce, so it’s quite possible he’s ready if he says he is.

5. The Academic

At first glance, he seems emotionally inaccessible.

However, underneath that tweed suit and behind those glasses is a man who will talk to you for hours. He’s sensitive, he’s smart, and he’s probably got his career in gear.

He might be awkward at first, however, once he’s comfortable, he’s very likely to be a best friend and a passionate lover all in one package.

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