Cuffing Season Is Here! Do You Cuff For The Holiday Season?


Cuffing season refers to a period where single people begin looking for short-term partnerships to pass the colder months of the year. Cuffing season usually begins in October and lasts until just after Valentine’s Day.

Have you ever been cuffed?  Had a relationship start in the fall and end before spring?  Were you blindsided by this breakup?  Have you cuffed someone for the holidays and then before Valentine's day decided Nah! not that serious.

It’s not uncommon and dating sites pick up in attention during fall season through the holiday season.  This is to alleviate the loneliness that happens when we aren’t coupled during the holiday season. We want to have someone to share the celebrations with to toast in the new year. So we have someone to share the winter with. Snuggle up to a fire with. It’s romantic.  It can be very exciting.  

Many singles do not even know they are cuffing, they just have a desire to date and get involved with someone during this time.  Not thinking about if it is long term or just for now. 

What a great feeling it is to be falling in love during the winter months, during the holiday season.  Holiday songs, romantic movies, parties and romantic packages show up everywhere.  Romance is in the air! 

The biggest issue with cuffing is that we don’t communicate that it is “short term”.  Many of us, again, don’t even realize we are cuffing - we don’t ask ourselves why we are so intent on finding someone during this time period.  We don’t question the strong urge to partner.  We just do it.

Come February right before Valentine’s day breakups happen. It’s the biggest breakup time of the year. This is because right before the most romantic holiday of the year, we stop to think if we truly want to continue on with this person.  We notice the aspects that we overlooked during the holiday season because we had a subconscious need to avoid being alone during that time..  

Nothing wrong with short-term relationships. It’s just healthier to communicate your intent. Yes, you face the possibility that you will be rejected if you are honest, but you will also avoid hurt feelings later on when the truth comes out that you didn’t have long-term intentions with this person all along.  It also avoids drama and arguments. 

Asking for what you want is not only healthy, but it sets you up to find someone that is looking for the same.  They are out there. Quite possibly they just want to Cuff also!

If you notice that you have this “romance is in the air” vibe going on this time of year, ask yourself a few questions before you cuddle up for the winter with someone new. 

* What is it I’m really looking for right now

* Is this person long-term material or just fun and exciting

* What aspects am I overlooking that I normally wouldn’t

* Am I dating this person to avoid being alone during the holidays?

* Am I clear on my intent or do I need to sit with myself to get clear

* Have I communicated my intent to the other person?



Most of our relationship decisions are made from the subconscious and therefore aren’t made with our conscious mind, we often just get involved with someone without ever really checking in with ourselves to notice what our true intent is. During cuffing season, it’s just more intense.  It’s a good time to notice how we get into messy situations in relationships.  We don’t date and relate consciously. We just go with what we are feeling at any moment and if it feels good, it must be good. 

Our feelings are something that is fleeting and can change at any moment.  We should always take them into consideration.  It’s more important to look at potential long-term partners with a logical mind.  Following those fleeting moments of romance really turns us on…. and it also can be the boomerang that comes back to hit us hard.

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Enjoy the holiday season and the romance that it brings and take your rose-colored glasses off from time to time to check in on reality.