4 Things You MUST Accept To Win The Heart Of An Independent Woman

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dating a successful woman

There’s nothing sexier than an independent woman with plenty of confidence. At least, as far as I’m concerned.

I’m incredibly proud of my ability to support myself, financially and emotionally. I’m mentally stimulated and fulfilled by my career, and in my spare time, I love the freedom to go where the day takes me — a yoga class, a Broadway show, or weekend getaway to New Paltz.

And as you might expect, independent women are interested in confident, secure men who understand us. And, more importantly, celebrate us for who we are.

In the dating world, strong, independent women are not the easiest to understand because of our drive, liberated personalities, and demanding work schedules.

So, before you date an independent and confident woman, here are 4 important things we want you to know:

1. Cooking and cleaning are NOT our priority. 

In fact, I’d be lost without Grub Hub and the lovely woman who cleans my apartment. Of course, eating and living in a clean, organized home are important to me, and I respect women who take pride in maintaining their homes, but my time and energy are much better spent writing, teaching, running my business, or helping a friend in need.

If you want a domesticated woman, please continue looking elsewhere.


2. We have no time or patience for jealousy.

I am fully committed to my partner when I'm in a relationship. But, I am also frequently surrounded by other people, both in business and social settings (including other men). I’m connected to men on social media. Plus, I have several male friends who call, text, and visit me.

You can’t feel threatened by my interactions with other men. It’s important that you know your value and are confident that I would not even consider being intimate with another man, because I respect you and the sanctity of our relationship.  

3. If you try to suffocate us, we will run.

I love spending time with my man. When we’re together, I’m fully present, I savor every minute, and I’m already looking forward to our next encounter. But, I also really enjoy devoting time to my work, being with my loved ones, and spending time alone, and I relish being able to fill my day with a variety of experiences that bring me joy.

When we are not together, please show the upmost respect for my time and space. Trying to micro-manage my schedule or constantly asking for updates on my whereabouts are major turn-offs.  

Think of me as a beautiful butterfly in the palm of your hand. When you give me the freedom to fly, I will always return. But if you try to close your hand around me, I won’t be able to breathe, and I’ll frantically try to escape.  

4. We proclaim to the world that we don’t NEED a man, but the truth is — we do.

Although it goes against every feminist instinct I have, I want someone who will protect me and provide for me. I want someone who will be able to support us financially, so when it’s time for me to be a mom, I have the option to fully immerse myself in that role. 

I want someone who can hang pictures, change light bulbs, and unclog the toilet (or at least be somewhat handy). I want someone who will encourage me and celebrate my success who is also strong enough to have my back and catch me when I fall.

So, no matter how much I project the image of self-sufficiency, the honest truth is that I need a man.

Independent women are fierce, complex beings, but we have a soft, gentle side, and we make great partners.

When you take the time to really get to know us, you’ll appreciate us for the complete, multi-dimensional, unique women we are, and realize how lucky you are to have us by your side.