Anxiety Issues

Years in Practice

10 years +


Brooklyn NY 11209 - United States



Additional Expertise

Dating Coach, Life Coach, Mentor, Speaker/Presenter, Wellness Coach

I Practice in

My state/province only



I Believe

"Live, learn, create, heal, grow, and most importantly, love."

About Lisa Cappiello

For many years, I longed to be happy. More specifically, I wanted to be surrounded by peace. I wanted to laugh and have fun.  I wanted to be accepted, I wanted to be pretty, and I wanted to be successful. More than anything else, I wanted to be loved. My quest for happiness and meaning lead me to books, classes, training programs, self-help seminars, and spiritual mentors. I acquired many valuable tools that enable me to live a peaceful, grounded, abundant life filled with love.

I am a teacher, writer, wellness coach and speaker, and certified yoga/meditation instructor. Serving New York City for over a decade, I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur who strives to help and inspire others by sharing my truth. I am a published author and editor, and in addition to working as a learning specialist at a phenomenal independent school, I currently teach poetry and fiction writing classes, write freelance articles, lead mindfulness and meditation workshops, and write a monthly lifestyle blog. I was born, raised, and currently reside in Brooklyn, N.Y. 


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