5 RIDICULOUS Myths About Masturbation We All Need To Stop Believing

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There’s nothing to be ashamed about, masturbation is healthy. At some point in life, we all indulge in self-sexual-pleasure and that’s okay. Masturbation is good for the body, the mind, and the soul, and there’s nothing sinful about the act.

Science has said it time and again that all species, which includes us humans, indulge in the act of masturbation. Stop thinking of it as a taboo and connoting religious and spiritual notions to it; masturbation is the key to heavenly bliss for most of us, and that will never change. Let’s debunk some of the myths regarding masturbation and learn about the right ways to do it too.

Masturbation Myth #1: You could get erectile dysfunction.

Now this is one myth that we have been told or heard of time and time again, ever since we were in high school.

Masturbation Reality: If masturbation led to erectile dysfunction, none of us in this planet would be here. Men wouldn’t have had the necessary erection for penetration to copulate, period.

Masturbating solo or with someone is okay, however, anything in excess brings habituation. This is why most people find it difficult to reach orgasms when someone else touches them or tries to masturbate them, because you are so used to your own touch.

So it isn’t about erectile dysfunction at all!

Masturbation Myth #2: Masturbation is for the lonely.

Not all those that masturbate in the privacy of their bedrooms are loners, just as not all those who indulge in group masturbation, sexual acts or orgies are extroverts and friendly.

Masturbation Reality: Couples love watching their mates masturbate in front of them, and indulge in solo masturbation doing the same. This is a fantasy most couples (married or dating) love to indulge in, and there’s no harm with the same. No unwanted pregnancies to be worried off later, and safe sex is assured.

So no, you aren’t a loner if you love masturbating!

Masturbation Myth #3: Masturbation makes you frustrated.

On the contrary, science has proved time and time again that any consenting sexual act makes the heart and the brain happiest, masturbation included.

Masturbation Reality: Masturbation helps release happy hormones in the body, and also helps bring down stress levels as well. For some, it comes as a natural instinct to use masturbation as a tool to relieve stress.

Any form of physical activity helps release stress when done in moderation; masturbation too is a form of physical activity with plenty of pleasure involved.

Masturbation Myth #4: You are cheating on your partner if you masturbate.

This leaves us jaw-dropped and we have no words to explain the heights of ignorance of whoever came up with this.

Masturbation Reality: No, your sex life isn’t bad if you masturbate solo, and you aren’t cheating on your partner if you masturbate without him or her around.

Remember, masturbation is a beautiful act, done to pleasure yourself. It is an act that allows you to explore the body you have been blessed with, to understand your needs and to diversify your sexual fantasies whilst touching yourself with love.

How on earth is this cheating?

Masturbation Myth #5: You could lose your eyesight.

This would be a myth so ridiculous that even the stand up comedians wouldn’t want to use it as a catch phrase anymore.

Masturbation Reality: Nothing has been reported till date as true when it comes to correlating masturbation with blindness. This is an old-wives myth back from the dark ages where masturbation wasn’t thought of a pleasurable act, but a taboo.

Why a taboo? This is because masturbation didn’t lead to procreation, and the churches back then considered the act a sin, since it didn’t allow procreation!

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