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About Lesley Goth

Lesley Goth PsyD has been in private practice since 2004 as a clinical psychologist. She is a progressive Christian counselor who is an expert in the field of Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, and Couples counseling. Lesley is a blogger, writer, and speaker. She is also excited to be helping women find freedom in their relationship with food and their bodies through her online coaching program called, Women's Sustainable Weight Loss Intensive. 

After moving to Colorado in 2004, and her youngest child starting pre-school, she returned to her passion for counseling and successfully completed the Colorado state licensing exam (CO State License Number 2910). Lesley is currently certified as an EMDR therapist and has completed the level I training for Gottman’s theory of Couples Counseling. Lesley has been invited to speak at Eating Disorder and EMDR therapy events. Lesley also provides supervision and/or consultation for both unlicensed and licensed therapists. In addition to working with clients all over the world, Lesley has also had the privilege of working with victims of the Columbine, Aurora, and Las Vegas shootings. 

Lesley’s practice is not limited to trauma. As stated earlier, she also expanded her practice to include exclusive coaching for women who are fed up with the diet world and finally ready to make necessary changes to have healthy, sustainable weight loss. These women have a new-found confidence in themselves and their bodies that goes way beyond weight loss.

You can also get to know Lesley through her blogs. She shares personal and vulnerable experiences to show that she is real and doing the work she asks her clients to do.

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