10 Things You Believe About Curvy Girls That Are 100% WRONG

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myths about fat women

Not to mention judgmental and insulting.

Okay, I'm really sick of hearing people saying... "If so and so knew what she was doing to her health, she would just stop eating and start exercising."

Or, "Why can't so and so stop eating?" Or, "So and so is setting such a bad example for her children!"

Let's set the record straight.

Here are the top 10 stupid-ass things people say about obese women (otherwise known as myths), that just aren't true:

MYTH #1.  Fat women should be educated on how to eat right.

Not true. In fact, because popular society is constantly reinforcing that being a woman of size is undesirable, many women of size have a Ph.D. knowledge of food, calorie intake, and exercise. When you are an obese woman, you are reminded of it constantly.

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Your doctors (and others who like to act like they are) tell you that any ailment will be solved with exercise and proper diet, and sometimes people yell shitty things at you in the street. Friends often try to be "helpful" by giving you pointers on diets.

Trust me, a woman who has been dealing with obesity knows more than her doctor does about nutrition, so having information and knowledge about calories, carbs, fat, etc. isn't what she needs more of.

MYTH #2. Fat women should just get to the gym and exercise.

Totally lame. First off, there is such a thing as being fit and fat. In fact, the Health at Every Size movement tells us that it's okay to stop focusing on weight loss and let yourself be healthy first and foremost. Many women of size are fit and do exercise often.

Why don't you see many fat people at the gym or out jogging? Gee, I don't know, maybe some people don't like being stared at, or condescended to. "Hey buddy, good job, you're doing great.. .you go girl..."  Not helpful.

MYTH #3. Fat women are "easy."

This is disgusting. I take a lot of issue with any woman no matter what her size being called easy or slutty or anything like that.

I can't even go into why this misperception makes me so angry. A woman of size won't just take any scraps she can get just because of her size.

Why does that stupid idea persist? I don't know.

But I want to go on record saying that a woman of size has as much discretion and intelligence as a skinny woman.

Most women want to find a kind, loving partner to be with.

And if a woman happens to have a one-night stand with a d-bag (who hasn't?) the woman of size happens to stand out more. There are no statistics available that obese women have more promiscuous sex than smaller women.

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MYTH #4. Fat women are setting terrible examples for their children.

Being self-hating, self-berating, and self-critical is setting a poor example for their children. She doesn't have to be obese to do that. Making an effort to love yourself and love your children and let your children see you love yourself is a great example.

When you love yourself, you will take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself doesn't mean being skinny, it means eating lots of healthy food often and less healthy food in moderation and getting out into the fresh air and being kind to yourself both physically and psychologically.

MYTH #5. Fat women are very unhealthy.

Not true, in fact, women who are considered overweight (according to the BMI) with a BMI between 25-30 have the same relative risk of death as women who are in what's considered a "normal" BMI.  You can't judge how healthy someone is by looking at them or weighing them. Blood tests, energy levels and quality of life is a better indicator or health.

MYTH #6. Fat women all binge eat.

Not true. The research says that 20% of obese folks suffer from a binge eating disorder, which means 80% of obese folks are not binge eating.

MYTH #7. Fat women have no willpower.

I'd venture to say that the opposite it true. As I said in myth #1, many women of size have been on multiple diets and willed themselves down over and over and over again. But as we know, restrictive diets don't work in the long term.

MYTH #8. Fat women have a low self-esteem.

Lots of women have low self-esteem and body image problems — not because they are fat, but because we are constantly bombarded by a media that tells us we are not good enough. Being thin doesn't make a woman immune to low self-esteem, and being larger doesn't make a woman more likely to have it.

Self-esteem is an inside job. It's a practice of letting go of beliefs about yourself that the outside world has given you that tells you it's not okay to be you. You don't need to let go of weight to let go of beliefs that affect your confidence.

MYTH #9. No one will marry a fat woman.

That’s just f**king stupid. Just look around.

MYTH #10. Fat women should go on diets.

No one should go on a diet ever. 95% of people who go on diets will gain the weight back. In fact, many people who start out at a lower weight go on diets which then creates eating disorders and weight gain.

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