23 PERFECT Things To Say To The Next Jerk Who Calls You Fat

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Because some bad behavior shouldn't be ignored.

One of the hardest things about being fat is being fat in public.

Sure, I've got low self-esteem no matter where I am.

But it's undeniably easier to have low self-esteem when I'm with people I love, than it is to be a fat woman with low-self esteem walking down the street right after the high school on my block lets out.

We're a society that's so sensitive and in tune and in touch about so many differences. 

You can be gay, straight, disabled, blind, deaf, and more and more you can expect to be treated fairly and decently.

That's not the case for everyone, sure, and it's definitely not the case for fat women.

Battling the low self-esteem in my own head is one thing, but what to do when someone yells at me on the street is a whole other kettle of awful.

It is not uncommon for me to be minding my own business and hear someone yell "FAT!" as they walk by. "Hey fat ass!" Is another phrase I've had hurled my way more than once.

What did I do when this happened? 

I pretended that it wasn't happening.

I lowered my head, I wouldn't make eye contact, I picked up my pace, embarrassed and ashamed. 

It's dehumanizing. It's demoralizing.

No wonder so many fat women have such a tough time grappling with their self-esteem.

About two years ago, I stopped letting these random insults go. 

I don't pick fight, and I use common sense, but if the moment feels right, I call out the fat-shamers now. 

In the moment it can be too terrifying to try and think of something quippy and smart to say. 

That's why I've collected 23 things to say to the next stranger who thinks it's socially acceptable to call you fat for no damn reason.

1. "My body is not your business."

2. "So I'm fat. What's the problem?"

3. "I may be fat, but at least I'm not rude."

4. "Sorry, I'm already in a relationship."

5. "Please, please, I know you're a fan, but no pictures today."


6. "I could lose weight if I wanted to. You, however, will always be rude."

7. "I'm sorry you're hurting enough that yelling at a stranger seems acceptable."

8. "I'm also smart, kind, and I've got an ass that won't quit."

9. "More to love!"

10. "Yes, and?" 

11. "Somebody clearly didn't get hugged enough."


12. "I'm perfect just the way I am."

13. "That's inappropriate and cruel."

14. "The world is hard enough without adding your own particular brand of dickishness to it."

15. "I'm fat, but I'm also human."

16. "Why do you want to make me feel bad? Seriously. I'd like to know."

17. "No one is impressed."

18. "I didn't know dog shit could speak." 


19. "Your mother must be proud."

20. "I'm happy, can you say the same?"

21. "I'm not fat, I'm abundant."

22. "I'm sorry, did you have something to say to me?"

23. "A woman is so much more than the size of the pants that she wears."