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We Fell In Love On Twitter


Some people fall in love at first sight. For me, it was first tweet. I joined Twitter as an entrepreneur to connect with consumers, but when I searched for other possible followers my cursor hovered over one particular avatar. Click.

It's been said that the eyes are the windows to our soul, but in the digital age, a Twitter stream can be as equally enlightening. Scrolling through this eligible bachelor's 140-character thoughts, my heart pitter-pattered. He was insightful, witty and a little raw, saying things that not everyone would. And though there was a computer screen between us, I got him. One Simple Way Twitter Can Help You Find Your "One"

To catch his attention, I retweeted his words of wisdom and blushed when he replied—he was talking to me! Our conversation fizzled quickly, but I had another move up my sleeve: a direct message asking him out for a drink when I visited his city next. We met under the guise of talking business, but the chemistry between us was as sweet as a Hershey's kiss. He wooed my IRL two years ago, and now, we're happily engaged, aiming to tie the knot next year.

Ironically, Thomas and I are both dating coaches. While I give online dating advice to singles, Thomas is a professional wingman, focusing on relationship dynamics in person. But there's much more than just our careers that make us compatible: it's our shared obsession with Lucky Charms, the way we listen and discuss (rather than argue) and that tingly feeling he gives me that I can't quite describe. And of course, the words that have the most meaning are still those sweet nothings we tweet to each other when we're apart.

For those seeking real life x's and o's, here are tips for facilitating your own Twitter love story from @eFlirtExpert and @URwingman.

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