One Simple Way Twitter Can Help You Find Your "One"


Mick Lolekonda, Dating Coach For The Professional Woman, shares how social media can help find love

Social media has increasingly become a way to look for various opportunities, connect with others and even search for romance.

When the Generation Y is still trying to wrap their heads around social media, Generation Z is living, breathing social media. I say this because I see how second nature the use of social media is for my younger generation Z sisters.

So which social media platforms are appropriate for conducting a romantic search, where can you display your relationship status and what demographics each platform reflects? Let’s take a look at Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

Linkedin is similar to a business networking environment. Obviously maintaining a certain level of professionalism is required here. Professionals on Linkedin usually seek job opportunities, partnerships or to promote themselves and what they’re selling.

Twitter is more of the cocktail mixer. It’s a great place to reconnect with friends, mingle with interesting people you would never meet otherwise. It can be environment more open to igniting romantic connections though some might also be there for business purposes.

Facebook is pretty much like high school or university. Here, you’ll find the popular and not so popular “kids” and it’s easy to ask your friends insider information about the person you have a crush on. They’ll tell you if you should follow through with your intentions or stay clear of your romantic interest.

So more than ever, individuals have the ability to conduct their own dating searches and find their “one”. That's why I suspect that the number of couples who first connected over a social media platform will grow in the future. The good thing about using social media is the fact that it helps minimize the frustration experienced through online dating. It does so by making it easier to learn about who you are getting acquainted with.

The benefit social media offers over online dating sites is the luxury of seeing people in “context”. A “context” where one can get a general sense of who a romantic interest is through their public profile. Hobbies, educational level, profession, mutual friends, topics of interests and even the way they engage others are out there for public viewing.

An increasing number of people are connecting via social media and appropriate platforms should seriously be considered as an additional romantic search tool. And if you are wondering who uses which platforms, check out these social media demographic statistics.

Since Twitter is, among other things, a communication tool, those on Twitter comfortable enough to share their status can do so by simply displaying it. You are this way inviting other singles to connect with you. After all, most of us do share our status on Facebook so why not on Twitter, the “social media cocktail mixer”?

For those wondering how it can be done, I’ve decided to create a basic way to showcase a relationship status with the list that follows. An example can be S:S (“Status: Single”). So here it is:

S:S (Single)
• S:R for (In a relationship)
• S:E (Engaged)
• S:M (Married)
• S:OR for (In an open relationship)
• S:D (Divorced)
• S:W (Widowed)
• S:C (Complicated)

On this note, my Twitter status will now look like this:

"Dating coach for the professional woman.
Hub to the web’s top dating tips & resources.
Oh! I love marketing, cheesecake & Cuban salsa dancing!

So go ahead and update your Twitter status and of course… Please RT.

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