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Divorce: all too common…yet so individual and personal

There are all sorts of reasons why people divorce and though it’s incredibly common, it’s also deeply personal. That’s the painful part of divorcing. That’s what makes it feel so utterly alone.

This is what I advise: 

1.  Decide to move on.

2.  Commit to making your life a success; making it great for you (or your kids, or you and your kids). Become inspired to be bigger and better than you’ve been yesterday, last week, or while you were in your relationship.

3.  Find a partner to think through what you need to do (news flash: this is not your attorney or your mom or your sister or even your best friend). Find a neutral, objective partner (okay, like me, like a Divorce Coach) and think through who you want to become and what kind of life you want to have.

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